Sexy underwear photo live male version

Sexy underwear photo live male version

Men and sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a charming woman’s dress, but can they attract men?Some men will like to appreciate women in sexy underwear, but the concept of men wearing sexy underwear has become a reality.What is the male figure and charm of using sex underwear?

Curious men

Men are usually curious about the style of sexy underwear. They will want to know how the sexy underwear is suitable for different styles of sexy underwear.The best image.These are things that men want to know.

Show the charm of men

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The photos of sexy underwear can show the charm of men, thus winning more praise for men.This kind of photo can not only show men’s muscle lines, but also show their personal strengths and charm.Many men like photos because this way allows them to show their beauty and charm to a certain extent.

Prepare to shoot

To show the best results, men should choose appropriate clothes and scenes to take photos of sexy underwear.In addition to a variety of sexy underwear, men can choose traditional jumpsuits or simple briefs.For the choice of scenes, men should take into account the background in the photo, lighting and the use of shooting equipment.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Selecting sexy underwear suitable for size and shape is very critical, so that you can better show your advantages and figure.Suitable erotic underwear will appropriately strengthen your lines and curves, so that the photos will be fuller.In addition, choosing the right color is also very meaningful.Men can try red, black or white sexy underwear in the photo.


When taking pictures, men should try a variety of photos.Putting a posture can emphasize your muscles and personal strengths.For example, you can try to hold up your arms like a football player so that you can show your physical structure and physical charm.In addition, you can put one hand on your hips and the other hand extended outward, so as to better highlight your waist and abdominal muscles.

Modification and maintenance

Before taking pictures, men need to pay attention to physical modification and maintenance.This includes facial, body hair, nails, etc.All of this must be properly modified to ensure your best image in the photo.



After taking the photo, appropriate post -production needs to be performed.This includes color adjustment, background adjustment, and the repair of skin color and other appearance details.This makes photos more attractive and show your charm and self -confidence.

Concept and realize your own image

Photos of sexy underwear are a process of realizing their own image.Men can try different erotic underwear and shooting methods to find the most suitable appearance.Through continuous attempts, men can get more self -confidence and sense of accomplishment.

in conclusion

Although men look a little strange to wear erotic underwear, under the right case, the use of photos can show the charm of men, which is very effective in many cases.In addition to choosing the appropriate sexy underwear, it is also very important for later production.Through these techniques and suggestions, men can find the most suitable sexy underwear and camera skills to show their beauty and charm.