Sexy underwear T -shaped

Sexy underwear T -shaped

Intellectual underwear T -type origin

Interesting underwear T type, as the name suggests, is a underwear style like a letter T. Its origin can be traced back to 1953. At that time, due to the shortage of chemical fiber materials such as the World War II and the shortage of chemical fiber materials such as stockings.Inspired by the Type T type. Later, this design was popular in the sexy underwear market.Today, the Type T -type Type T -type has become a classic style in sexy underwear.

Types of sexy underwear T type

The types of erotic underwear T -type are rich and diverse.Among them, the most common is the Type T -type T -shaped, that is, the upper part is a close -fitting chest sticker, and the lower part is a T -shaped design.There is also a hollow T -shaped underwear. It is not a chest sticker but an off -the -shoulder design. The following is still T -shaped tailoring, which looks more sexy.

Suitable for body type

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Interesting underwear T type is suitable for women with slim figures, especially women with large chests, can show better sexy effects.For women with strong body, choosing some T -shaped underwear with chest pads can avoid sinking or deformation, and can better show the body curve.

Method of matching

Fun underwear T -shaped Type and suspender skirt and naked shoulders will have a better effect, which can fully reflect the little sexy.In addition, if you want to participate in some occasions with dance and performances, you can also choose a T -shaped underwear, which will make the whole match look more comfortable and confident.

Fabric selection

The choice of erotic linger T -shaped fabrics are generally silk, red lace and lace. These fabrics are comfortable and delicate.In addition, the translucent material is also a T -type underwear, which can show the charming curve of women, which is a very popular choice.

The meaning of different colors

Falling underwear T type of different colors also has different significance.For example, black represents mystery and charm, redness represents enthusiasm and sexy, and green means fresh and natural.Of course, this can also be determined with personal taste and preference. The most important thing is to wear it naturally and comfortably.

How to maintain

The maintenance method of sex underwear T -type is also very important.It is best to wash it with cold water hands and stay away from the washing machine, otherwise it is easy to damage the T -type T type of sexy underwear, and it is not advisable to use any bleach or drying method to dry.If there is conditions, it is recommended to choose a soft laundry solution and gently wipe it with a clean towel and dry it.

Lingerie Set


When buying a sexy underwear T, you must choose according to your body and preferences.Choose regular brands and merchants in quality, pay attention to quality and fabrics, and do not buy inferior products because of the cheap map.When buying, you can also consider a combination set, which can be more economical and diversified.

Fun underwear T -shaped matching beautiful

Fun underwear T -shaped single flashing is a classic beautiful scenery, but the wonderful matching of sexy underwear T -shaped Type and other clothing and jewelry is also endless.While wearing a sexy underwear T -shaped, wearing some simple, low -key earrings or bracelets can make the whole match more perfect.

at last

While enjoying the sexy and rich experience, the sexy underwear Type also pays attention to your physical health and dressing feelings.Only in the case of correct maintenance, selection, and wearing, the Type T -type Type T -type can truly become a reflection of female charm.