Sexy underwear version class

Sexy underwear version class

What is a sex lingerie version?

Under the modern industrial manufacturing and production model, the sexy underwear board is an essential link when manufacturing.The so -called "version of the class" refers to turning the design drawings into a real dress model and ensuring that it is in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering.At this stage, designers need to explain the style and style of sexy underwear in detail, as well as the requirements of materials and sizes. Model makers will design real -version drawings based on these requirements.

What skills do I need for sexy underwear?

Playing class is a violent work, and the version of the version of the master has relevant skills and knowledge.First of all, the moderator needs to understand the nature of different materials and fabrics, and know how they affect the overall design. Second, the moderator needs to be proficient in various techniques and rules to ensure that the modeling model is in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering; finally, Player needs a deep understanding of various styles and styles and can transform it into a real model.

The process of sexy underwear version of the class class

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The process of sexy underwear boards includes the following steps:

1. Clear design requirements: Designers need to explain in detail the style, size requirements and other relevant requirements of sexy underwear.

2. Preparatory work: The version of the version needs to check the total number of fabrics and fabrics, and prepare the tools and accessories you need.

3. Preliminary determination of the size: According to the requirements, the version of the player needs to measure the various sizes of men and women and marked it in the drawings.

4. Production prototype: According to the needs, the moderator can choose to make a prototype or directly make a sample.

5. Adjustment and adaptation: According to the actual effects and design requirements of the prototypes, the version of the player needs to adjust the model, dress or fragments to adapt to the special form of sexy underwear.

6. Throughout: Once the version is finished, sexy underwear manufacturing companies will ask for jackets or models to try on to ensure that the final erotic underwear meets the design requirements and the balance of market demand and the principles of ergonomic engineering.

7. Adjustment: If you need to adjust your clothes or models, the version of the version can be adjusted according to the feedback and tried it again.

8. Format: Once the sample reaches aesthetics and mechanical standards, the version of the version will make a set of samples as production standards and other related controls.


Falling underwear style and style

There are many types and styles of sexy underwear. Each designer and a moderator need to comprehensively consider the popular elements, materials, size, adaptability and comfort in the market.In the field of erotic underwear, the most popular styles include bra, underwear, stockings, sleeping skirts, lace and transparency.

Material about sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear is also an important factor that designers and moderators must consider.When the designer or the moderator considers using a different fabric, they need to consider the following factors: comfort, color, transparency, looseness, shape and protection.

Sexy underwear is the most suitable for wear occasion

The merger of sexy underwear is not just sex or at night.Sex underwear can sometimes wear work or other occasions to enhance self -confidence and self -leadership ability.

The effect of sexy underwear on sex

Interest underwear is a private trip for many husbands and wives.Whether it is to increase sexual interest or sexual quality, sexy underwear has a great effect.When wearing sexy underwear, people often feel more relaxed and comfortable, which also helps improve the quality of sex.

The price factor of sexy underwear

The price factors of sexy underwear are largely affected by various factors such as materials, design, production costs, and market demand.For example, the cost of lace, silk, synthetic fibers and other materials will affect the price of sexy underwear, and designers are stalemate and different versions and paper samples.

Market demand for sexy underwear

With the further development of society and the diversification of the field, sexy underwear has gradually become a professional field, not a single sexual trick and hidden tool.The market demand for sex underwear has become more and more concerned, and the future trend is to develop in a more diverse and creative direction.


The version of sexy underwear is a vital link in the entire manufacturing process.Under the careful design and adjustment of the moderator, sexy underwear can better meet the principles of ergonomic engineering and market needs, and provide the wearer with better comfort and self -confidence.