She feeds him in sexy underwear

She feeds him in sexy underwear

Introduce the background of sexy underwear feeding behavior

With the gradual expansion and opening up of people’s sexual life, sexy lingerie is no longer as mysterious and taboo as the important props of flirting, erotic, and sex.And some strange and interesting ways to play have emerged, such as playing sexy underwear between couples; even more, some people choose to wear sexy underwear during breastfeeding to feed their children. This special behavior is slowly being accepted by people.EssenceIn this article, let’s explore the reasons, benefits and existing problems behind this.

The benefits of wearing sex underwear feed

The body and chest of pregnant women will inevitably be affected and deformed. At this time, wearing sex underwear can greatly enhance women’s self -confidence and charm.During breastfeeding, wearing sexy underwear to feed can also stimulate motherhood and increase the sexual interest of women, and will not feel tedious and monotonous.

Sanitary problems of wearing sex underwear feeding

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Wearing sexy underwear will also involve some sanitary problems.Breast milk is thick and nutritious, and it is easy to stain underwear when feeding.Therefore, in order to prevent bacteria from breeding and children’s health, mothers need to replace sexy underwear regularly and pay attention to cleaning and disinfection, and vigorously improve sanitary standards.

How to choose suitable sexy lingerie styles

It is also important to choose sexy underwear.Because pregnant women have a small underwear after giving birth, it may affect breastfeeding and comfort.Therefore, you should first choose a sexual underwear size that suits you.Secondly, breathability and material are also very important. Choosing comfortable, soft, sweat -absorbing fabrics can better breastfeed children.The most important thing is to buy sexy underwear that is in line with your style and temperament, which not only reflects the personality and style of women, but also makes marriage more harmonious and happy.

Why would anyone choose to wear a sexy underwear to feed

Moms are not only to make themselves more beautiful, but also have some special reasons.For example, when breastfeeding, the child can’t help but touch the mother’s chest. At this time, wearing a sexy underwear can cover the private parts, it seems more decent; some mothers need to breastfeed in public. At this time, wearing sex underwearActions will not be too noticeable.

What are the problems in wearing sexy underwear feeding?

Although there are many benefits to feeding in sex underwear, there are some problems.For example, wearing sexy underwear for a long time will cause pressure and constraints on the breasts, leading to poor breast milk secretion and mastitis.In addition, some erotic underwear fabrics can irritate and allergies to the skin. When you don’t pay attention to it, you can think of these problems when you use sexy underwear.

How to avoid the risk of wearing sexy underwear feeding

How to avoid potential risks for mothers who want to wear sex underwear to feed their children?First of all, choose a sexy underwear that suits you. You must choose a very soft and breathable fabric in the material.Secondly, master the correct breastfeeding posture and time to avoid problems such as milk juice.Finally, wash sexy underwear regularly and keep your body hygiene.

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By breast -feeding experience combined with sexy underwear

When feeding with sex underwear, mothers can have more self -confidence and charm, which will also strengthen their feelings with their partners.At the same time, there are many benefits to wearing sexy underwear, such as enhancing sexual interests and interactions between husband and wife.But in the process of experienced sexy underwear, mothers also need to pay attention to their physical conditions and children’s health.

Future prospects of sexy underwear feeding

With the development of society and changes in people’s ideas, special behaviors such as sexy underwear feeding will also be more and more attention and attention.After all, the benefits of feeding sex underwear are undeniable, and it also meets women’s pursuit of beauty and expression of sexual freedom.In the future, we believe that more and more explorations and research on this method will bring us more interesting discoveries and surprises.


Although sexy underwear feeding has certain controversy and controversy, in some families, it is considered a wonderful experience and lifestyle.We should support and respect such behaviors, while also paying attention to the choice of physical health and sexy underwear.Only by avoiding risks and using sexy underwear correctly can we better enjoy life and create a happier and beautiful family.