Shoot on the sexy underwear

Shoot on the sexy underwear

What should I do?

Sex underwear, as a special dress, is designed to enhance sexual experience. It usually has a lot of decorative accessories. If it is accidentally shot on the underwear during sex, it may be damaged to a certain extent.So, if this happens, what should we do?Here are some tips to help you solve this problem.

Step 1: Take off your underwear immediately

If you accidentally shoot on the sexy underwear, the first step is to take off your underwear immediately.This can slow down the erosion of the liquid to the underwear fiber.Of course, be careful when taking off your underwear to avoid flowing liquid on the underwear or body.In addition, avoid pulling or scraping underwear hard to avoid further damage.

Step 2: Wash with cold water

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When the underwear takes off, rinse the underwear immediately with water or cold water to avoid cleaning and difficulty in drying stains.Cold water will slow the spread of stains, avoid further dirty loss, and prevent flora in the liquid.However, you cannot use hot water to clean your underwear.

Step 3: Use soap or laundry solution

Using soap or laundry solution can help remove stains brought by the ejaculation and can disinfect.However, when choosing a detergent, avoid choosing a cleaner with a bleach, which may further damage the underwear fiber.In addition, you must choose a cleaner that is adapted to the underwear material.

Step 4: Gently rub

After using a cleaner, you can gently rub the underwear to help the cleaner fully penetrate into the underwear material.But also avoid excessive rubbing, which may cause the wear of underwear fiber.

Step 5: Reverse cleaning

When cleaning underwear, it is best to do it from the inside to the outside, so that the decoration of the outside of the underwear will not be damaged.Because there are many details of sexy underwear, cleaning from the reverse side is also a good way, which can avoid the pretty decoration of the underwear pollution.

Step 6: Dry naturally

After cleaning the underwear, it is best to use a clean towel to dry gently, and then dry the underwear naturally.Avoid using exposure or dryers, these methods may shrink and damage the material of the underwear.

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Step 7: Use moisturizing lotion

After the underwear is cleaned, the moisturizing lotion should be used to keep it soft and gloss.These lotion usually contain basic components needed to maintain underwear, such as vitamin E and honey.

Step 8: Enjoy underwear again

After the above treatment, your sexy underwear can now be worn again.Please keep your underwear in a good state according to the instructions of dry cleaning.

in conclusion

It is really a troublesome thing to shoot on the sexy underwear, but don’t be anxious. The correct way of cleaning can help you restore the cleanliness and beauty of the underwear.If the above methods cannot be effectively cleaned, it is recommended to send the underwear to the dry cleaners to deal with it. Do not try to use your own method to deal with this problem.