Interest underwear has always been a must -have for women to create sexy images.And one of them -silk -sized sexy underwear is highly sought after with its soft, comfortable and colorful fabrics.

Material selection

The materials used in silk and sexy underwear are generally mainly silk, lace, gauze, artificial silk, and Modal. These fabrics have the characteristics of soft luster, close texture, and light texture, which can present the most sexy image to women.

Style classification

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The style of silk and sexy underwear is rich in categories, including suspenders, thin styles, lace lace, low -cut, ultra -thin transparent, and skin color suits to meet the needs of women on different occasions and different moods.

Matching skills

In order to be more sexy to wear sexy underwear, women also need to master some matching skills.For example, when wearing a vest or suspender, you can match the lace or meat pornographic underwear, which can better expose the beauty of the underwear.In addition, when choosing underwear, you should try to choose the same style, the same color and the same material as the sexy underwear, so that you can be more coordinated and beautiful.


Wearing erotic underwear needs to pay attention to many details, such as underwear should be elastic to ensure that there will be no fat; the bras of the bra should fit the waist to avoid uncoordinated and destructive overall effects.Similarly, the shoulder straps should be adjusted to the best length as much as possible to better reveal the chest shape and achieve the perfect effect.

Brand recommendation

On the market, many brands have launched their own silky sexy underwear products.Christine Lingerie’s underwear style is diverse and rich in fabrics, and is loved by women.Hanky Panky’s low -cut sex lingerie series has attracted much attention with its unique design that modifies the chest shape and create a sexy image.

Wearing occasion

Silk -sliding sex underwear is generally suitable for dating, wedding, birthday party peers.Especially in the night lights, in front of the lover, wearing can attract each other’s attention.

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In order to ensure the life and aesthetics of the use of silk and sexy underwear, women should also pay attention to the maintenance of underwear while wearing sexy underwear.We should avoid exposure at high temperature and sunlight, and try to use hand washing as much as possible to avoid using color cleaner such as laundry powder.


The charm of Schi Welling underwear is that it can fully show the sexy image of women, and at the same time it can provide a soft and comfortable dressing feeling.It is hoped that women can master these tips when choosing sexy underwear, so as to create the most perfect sexy image for themselves.