Status of sex underwear

Status of sex underwear


Interest underwear is a special underwear, which is usually made of sexy and teasing.With the openness of modern society and the diversification of sexual concepts, sexy underwear has gradually become a unique segment in the women’s clothing market.This article will explore the status quo of erotic underwear, including its market size, major user groups and development trends.

Market size

From the perspective of market size, sexy underwear is a huge market.According to statistics, the global sex lingerie market has exceeded $ 2 billion.In China, this market has also developed rapidly, especially in first -tier cities such as Beishangguang. The consumer market size and proportion of sex underwear have increased year by year.

Main user group

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The main consumer group of sexy underwear is women aged between 18-35 years old, because women of this age group have the highest attention to the topic of "sex".In addition, men also buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives.In addition, because some women buy sexy underwear to enhance self -confidence and beauty, some women may be over 35 years old.

Common style

The styles of sexy underwear are very diverse, including suspenders, conjoined clothes, bikini, T -shaped pants, vests, transparent underwear, and so on.Among them, pink, black, red, white, etc. are common colors, while the materials are commonly used in materials, and transparent styles are also a feature of sexy underwear.

Domestic sales channels

In China, the sales of sexy underwear are mainly through two channels of online and offline.Online channels include e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD, Tmall, and some websites specifically providing sales services for sexy underwear.Offline channels are physical stores such as sex products, underwear counters in the mall, and adult products stores.

Influence of gender equality concept

Traditionally, sexy underwear is regarded as a consumer product of men, but with the popularity of gender equality, sexy underwear is slowly accepted and liked by women.The specific manifestation is that women are willing to show their sexy and beauty by wearing sexy underwear, and enhance their self -confidence.

Cultural differences

In different countries and cultures, the market performance of sexy underwear is very different.In Japan, sexy underwear is regarded as a trend and fashion, and is sought after by more and more young people.In some countries that are not as open as open, sexy underwear may be regarded as a dislocked or indecent thing.

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Eternal demand

The demand for sexy underwear can be said to be outdated.Even during the economic downturn, the sales of sexy underwear are still high.This is because women always like to add some new sexy underwear to express their care and attention to themselves.

Technical upgrade trend

With the development of technology and the increasing attention of people’s comfort, sexy underwear is constantly upgrading.Some manufacturers have begun to use high -tech materials to make sexy underwear to make it more breathable and comfortable. At the same time, some sexy lingerie uses intelligent technology such as wireless charging, which can allow it to achieve more functions, such as body temperature induction and vibration stimulation.

Environmental material use

With the continuous improvement of people’s attention to environmental protection, manufacturers have begun to use environmental materials to make sexy underwear.These materials are not only friendly to the environment, but also more beneficial to the health of women in sexy underwear.


In short, the sexy underwear market is a market full of opportunities and challenges, and it has developed rapidly.Although at some point, it may be regarded as a controversial thing, in fact, it brings more diversified and free lifestyle to our lives.