Stockings sex lingerie couple stimulate gray

Stockings sex lingerie couple stimulate gray

The source of passion of stockings sex underwear

Stockings sexy underwear has always been sexy and exciting representatives, and has become a magic weapon for many couples to increase interest and stimulus.So, why is the stocking underwear so magical?The reason is that its visual effect can provide visual stimuli.For men, stockings sexy underwear is a guidance of desire. It can stimulate men’s sexual desire, and at the same time can increase women’s confidence and charm.

Statey classification of stockings erotic underwear

There are many types of stockings in stockings, such as stockings, stockings suits, and jackets.Stockings are the most basic types and the most popular.Stockings set refers to the combination of stockings, tops or underwear, which can show the perfect figure and curve of women.The jacket is a style that connects the jacket and panties into one, which is more sexy and beautiful.

Precautions for buying stockings for sexy underwear

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Pay attention to the following points when buying stockings in sexy underwear:

Buying comfortable materials: The material of sexy underwear is very important. You should choose soft, comfortable, and breathable materials to avoid affecting interest because of uncomfortable wear.

Choose a size suitable for your body: wearing a sexy underwear suitable for your body can show the beauty and sexy of women.

Consider color and style: Color and style are important factor to show sexy and charm. You should choose sexy underwear suitable for your body and temperament.

Pay attention to cleaning: Interesting underwear needs to be cleaned frequently, it should follow the instructions on the cleaning label to avoid damage caused by incorrect cleaning methods

How to wear stockings and sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points to wear stockings:

With high heels: high heels are a great match for stockings sexy underwear, which can increase women’s temperament and charm.

Avoid too exposure: Too exposure can lead to indecentness, and you should choose the style that suits you according to the advantages and disadvantages of your body.

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Keep neatly: Keep your body clean before wearing stockings and sexy underwear to avoid affecting the interesting experience.

Total skills to use stocking of stockwear underwear

Pay attention to the following points when using stockings for sexy underwear:

Put on your hand: It will be easier to wear with your hands to avoid making bad sex underwear.

Use of sex toys: Use sex toys will increase the sense of stimulation and meet the needs of both parties.

Avoid friction: Avoid friction with other items and other items, causing damage.

Maintenance of stockings sex underwear

Stockings sex underwear requires special maintenance methods:

Hand washing: Stockings erotic underwear requires hand washing, not machine washing, avoiding damage to sexy underwear.

Dry at low temperature: Use a towel to remove the moisture, and then dry it at a low temperature in a ventilated place.

Avoid direct sunlight: Avoid the fading of color in direct sunlight and affect the service life.

The experience of stockings sex underwear

The experience of stocking sex underwear varies from person to person, but most people think that the use of stockings sex underwear can increase stimuli and pleasure, increase the taste and intimacy between husband and wife.


As a tool that stimulates sex, stockings are very popular and market.You need to pay attention to some tips to buy, wear, use, and maintenance to achieve better results.Only by using it correctly can we enhance the feelings and pleasure with husband and wife.