Taobao female shop owner trys to wear sexy underwear

Taobao female shop owner trys to wear sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a very special underwear. It emphasizes sexy and temptation, making women more confident and charming.However, due to market irregularities and quality uncertainty, many women feel confused and confused when buying sexy underwear.Today, we invited several Taobao female shopkeepers to try on several different types of sexy underwear and share their purchase experience and precautions.I hope this article can help women choose and buy sexy underwear that suits them.

Material and comfort

When choosing sexy underwear, materials and comfort are very important factor.We have different sexy underwear, with soft lace, comfortable cotton and smooth silk.Female shop owners agree that comfort is a very important factor, because good comfort can make women more comfortable and confident.

Style and wear effect

There are different types of sexy underwear.Female shop owners believe that choosing the right style is very important because different styles are suitable for different figures and character.During the trial process, the female shopkeepers found that the low -cut and back -back styles were the most popular because they could highlight the sexy and figure of women.

Color and style

The color and style of sexy underwear are also very important because they can reflect women’s personality and temperament.The female shop owners tried various colors and styles, including pink, black, red, white, lace, hollow, and so on.Different colors and styles are suitable for different occasions and atmospheres. Women can choose according to their needs.

Size and fit

When buying sexy underwear, the fit is very important.The female shop owners suggested that when buying sexy underwear, we must first tailor clothes and choose the right size to avoid buying too large or too small sexy underwear.The size is appropriate, which can make sexy underwear more fit the body and show the beauty of women’s curve without affecting women’s actions and activities.

Washing and maintenance

The washing and maintenance of sexy underwear are also very important.Female shop owners suggest that sexy underwear is best to wash with hand, use neutral cleaner, and wash warm water to avoid strong friction and drying.In addition, women should pay attention to avoid blending with other clothing, and at the same time replace underwear in time.


When buying sexy underwear, women also need to pay attention to the following points: First, to understand the return and exchange policy before purchasing, in order to deal with problems in time; second, do not blindly pursue low price sexy underwear because there may be quality problems.

in conclusion

In short, you need to consider multiple factors to buy sexy underwear, including materials, comfort, styles, color, size, washing and maintenance.Women should choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their own shape, temperament, hobbies, and need to pay attention to the brand and quality to ensure that the sexy underwear purchased can achieve the expected results.

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