Taobao sex lingerie evaluation words


Taobao, as the largest e -commerce platform in China. In addition to selling daily necessities such as daily necessities and clothing, shoes and hats, sexy underwear is also one of its unique sales categories.With the increasing recognition and acceptance of the Chinese people, more and more people have begun to buy sexy underwear.However, because there are many sexy underwear brands on Taobao, how to distinguish and evaluate the quality of sexy underwear has become a problem.

Appearance Evaluation Word

When we buy a sexy underwear, the first thing to pay attention to is its appearance.Interest underwear can have various styles and designs, such as sexy, cool, cute, sweet, retro, and so on.Here are some commonly used sexy underwear appearance evaluation words:

1. Sexy: One of the main selling points of sexy underwear is sexy, which can make people look more sexy and charming.

2. Transparent: Transparent sexy underwear allows people to appreciate the outline and curve of the body more intuitively.

3. Meng system: Some sexy underwear has cute elements, such as anime characters, cartoon patterns, etc., which can make people more cute and playful.

4. Mystery: Some sexy underwear may have mysterious elements, such as black yarn, bow, etc. These elements can increase the mystery of sexy underwear.

Quality Evaluation Word

Unlike the appearance, the quality of sex underwear needs to be carefully checked.Here are some commonly used sexy underwear quality evaluation words:

1. Comfort: Interesting underwear should be comfortable and should not tease your neck or chest.

2. Quality: Interesting underwear should use high -quality fabrics and materials, and should not be easily worn or torn.

3. Ventilation: Interesting underwear should have ventilation so that the skin can breathe and breathe.

4. Elasticity: Interesting underwear should have certain elasticity in order to be suitable for various figures.

Feel evaluation words

In addition to the appearance and quality, the feeling of sexy underwear is also an important aspect.Here are some commonly used sexy underwear experience evaluation words:

1. Self -confidence: Fun underwear can make people feel more confident and sexy.

2. Comfort: Good erotic underwear makes people feel very comfortable and even forget its existence.

3. Stimulation: Some sexy underwear may bring irritating feelings, such as intimate behavior.

4. Adjustable: Fun underwear can have some adjustable functions, such as loose bands, which can make people more comfortable.

Size evaluation words

The size of sexy underwear is also a question that needs to be considered.Here are some commonly used sexy underwear size evaluation words:

1. Suitable: Sex underwear should choose the appropriate size in order to wear comfortable wearing.

2. Tights: Interesting underwear is usually more personal, but it should not be too tight, otherwise it will affect the comfort.

3. Loose: The sexy underwear should not be too loose, otherwise it will not achieve the effect it should have.

4. Adaptability: Interesting underwear should have a certain adaptability to suitable for various figures.

Style evaluation

Style is also a question that needs to be considered.Here are some commonly used sexy lingerie styles:

1. Fashion: Interesting underwear needs a certain sense of fashion to adapt to different age levels.

2. Unique: Fun underwear can have unique design elements to attract consumers’ attention.

3. Personality: Interesting underwear can also have a certain personality to reflect consumers’ own unique style.

4. Practical: Interesting underwear should also have a certain degree of practicality to meet the needs of various occasions.

Cost -effective evaluation word

The price / performance ratio is a question that must be considered when buying sexy underwear.Here are some commonly used sexy lingerie cost -effective evaluation words:

1. Profit: Although the price of sexy underwear is relatively high, some affordable prices can also be selected.

2. High cost performance: High cost -effective sexy underwear allows people to get more cost -effective.

3. Quality and low price: Although some sexy underwear is not high, the quality is quite good. This is a typical manifestation of quality and low price and low price.

4. Value: The price and quality are quite good and are considered to be a value -for -money product.

Popularity Evaluation

On Taobao, some sexy underwear may be more popular than other styles.Here are some commonly used sexy underwear epidemic evaluation words:

1. Best selling: Some sexy underwear may be recognized by the market because of its appearance and quality, which has become a best -selling product.

2. Popularity: Some sexy underwear may be welcomed by fashionable design and popular elements.

3. Hot selling: Some sexy underwear may become hot -selling products due to its unique design and cost -effectiveness.

4. Good reputation: Some sexy underwear may be well evaluated due to its high quality and comfort, becoming a good product with good reputation.

Comment and evaluation

Finally, we also need to consider some other people’s evaluation and evaluation of the sexy underwear.Here are some commonly used sexy underwear reviews:

1. High evaluation: Some sexy underwear may be highly evaluated due to its high quality and appearance.

2. Low evaluation: Some sexy underwear may be lowered due to quality problems or comfort.

3. Middle Evaluation: Some sexy underwear may get some Chinese evaluation for some reason.

4. External evaluation: In addition to Taobao’s evaluation, some sexy underwear can also be evaluated through some external evaluation agencies.


Choosing a good sexy underwear requires us to pay attention to its appearance, quality, feelings, size, style, cost -effectiveness, cost -effectiveness, and reviews and other aspects.When buying, you need to consider multiple aspects in order to choose the one that suits you best.

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