Taoism sex underwear tuning master servants

Taoism sex underwear tuning master servants

As a sexy dress, sexy underwear is increasingly applied to a flirting game between husband and wife.Among the many erotic underwear, Tao’s sexy underwear has a distinctive position, especially in the master and servant training game, which is an indispensable part.This article will introduce how to realize the stimulus and pleasure of the master and servant training game from the three perspectives: the purchase, use and maintenance of the items.

Choose suitable props sexy underwear

When buying Dao’s fun underwear, the first thing to consider is suitable styles and materials.Because in the master and servant training game, people wearing a sexy underwear often play different roles, so you need to choose different styles and materials for different roles.

For example, if you want to play the role of the heroine, you can choose a sexy underwear with lace lace. This underwear can set out the charm and sexy of women and deepen the male lead’s training experience.And if you want to play the role of the actor, you can choose to have a metal ring -locking bondage underwear. This underwear can better convey the dominance and dominance of the male lead.

Use the Tao to have a fun underwear

It is also important to pay attention to the correct way of use when wearing a fun underwear.If it is not used properly, it may cause accidental damage or inability to achieve satisfactory results.

For example, if you want to use a metal chain for restraint, you must ensure the firmness of the chain, so as not to cause accidents and cause damage.At the same time, when using a downtown, you should pay attention not to stimulate the other party excessively and ensure the mastery of the balance point in order to achieve the best results.

Carefully plan the scene of the main and servant training scene

When playing the master and servant game, not only need to prepare a sexy underwear, but also to make careful planning and tuning scenes.Reasonable situation design and training process can not only increase the irritability of the game, but also better realize the experience of master and servant relationships.

For example, you can design a female lead by voyeur by the male lead during bathing, and then being punished by the male lead using the restraint of the sexy underwear.EssenceOf course, when designing the scene, pay attention to the taste and preference of the other party, otherwise the effect may be unsatisfactory.

Full communication and trust

Before conducting the master and servant game, you must ensure that the two parties have fully communicated and trust.In this way, the two sides can better understand the attitude and behavior of the other party’s attitude and behavior, so as to achieve a state of respect and trust.

At the same time, we must always communicate in the game to resolve it in time to avoid unnecessary trouble and harm.

Keep hygiene and cleaning

After using Dao’s fun underwear, it must be cleaned and disinfected in time.Because in the process of sexual games, the human body secretes liquid. If these liquids are not cleaned in time, it will lead to adverse consequences such as the deterioration of the tunnel, breeding bacteria or viruses, and bring harm to the body.

The cleaning of the road with a lot of fun underwear should choose the appropriate cleaner and distinguish the material to ensure that the fun underwear can be cleaned.At the same time, it is recommended not to dry the sexy underwear through the sun, so as to avoid the sun’s ultraviolet rays that are too strong and it will cause damage to the sexy underwear.

Control time and strength

In the master and servant game, controlling time and strength are very important.Because excessive time and strength may cause physical discomfort and injury.

When selecting the Taoist underwear, you must choose to choose the psychological and physical ability to control the time and strength.Reasonable grasp of the relationship between the master and servant can not only stimulate the game, but also ensure the safety of the body.

Pay attention to security and confidentiality

Taoism underwear is a prop for sex games. Pay attention to safety and confidentiality when using.Do not use and wear in public, so as not to attract the attention and criticism of others.

At the same time, pay attention to your own safety when using it to ensure that the selected props are in line with personal ability.If physical discomfort or hidden safety hazards occur, the game should be stopped immediately, and necessary examination and treatment should be performed.

Enjoy the pleasure brought by the game

When playing the game of master and servant, the most important thing is to enjoy the pleasure brought by the game.Proper naughty and exciting can not only increase interest, but also promote the feelings and communication between husband and wife.

Therefore, do not pay too much attention to the details when conducting the master and servant training game, but pay attention to the relaxation and pleasure brought by the relaxation and enjoyment of the mentality.


As a part of the sex game props, the Taoist underwear plays a very important role in the master and servant training game.In order to obtain the best experience and results, you must choose suitable styles and materials according to the actual situation, pay attention to safety and hygiene custody, and reasonably grasp time and strength to achieve the best results.At the same time, you must not forget to enjoy the pleasure and joy brought by the game.

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