Teach his wife to wear fun underwear on the street

Teach his wife to wear fun underwear on the street

His wife does not know the fun underwear, feels bored and uncomfortable, so she is unwilling to wear it.However, we have been married for many years, and our lives have become boring. I want to increase interest and inject freshness into life.So, I decided to teach my wife to go to the streets.Below, I will share my experience and lessons.

1. Choose to buy sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to consider style, size and material.First, consider whether the style is suitable.If you buy it for the first time, you can choose a more conservative style, and then gradually challenge more sexy styles.Secondly, the size is very important. Before buying, you must carefully measure the size to ensure that it is appropriate.Finally, choose comfortable materials to ensure that his wife can dress comfortably.

2. Slowly adapt

The wife has never worn in sex underwear before, so she needs to adapt slowly.At the beginning, you can try to wear at home and let your wife gradually adapt.After the wife adapts to the sexy underwear, she can suggest that she goes out.Don’t let your wife wear too sexy at once, slowly adjust.

3. Scene selection

Wearing sexy underwear cannot be worn with you, you must match clothes according to the occasion.For example, drinking coffee in a cafe can be paired with a vest with lace lace, and you can choose transparent lace short sleeves when you go shopping.The ladylike style should be maintained indoors, and more challenging styles can be selected outdoors.

4. With comfortable shoes

Sex underwear usually brings high heels, but his wife can choose to cooperate with his own comfort shoes.If you are used to wearing flat shoes, you can choose a slightly large heel style or a comfortable sneakers.

5. Choose a suitable coat

You need to match the suitable coat when wearing a sexy underwear.You need to pay attention here, do not expose all the underwear, keep some rooms, and don’t be too aggressive.

6. The importance of self -confidence

The most important thing to wear underwear is to make yourself feel comfortable and confident.Wife needs to walk on the street confidently, relax, and show the sexy side.

7. Guidance and encouragement

Wife is strange to sexy underwear, so she needs to be guided and encouraged.In the process of his wife wearing a sexy underwear, she needs to give encouragement and praise her beauty, charm and sexy.This will become her greater motivation and self -confidence.

8. Respect your wife

Finally, we must emphasize respect for his wife.If the wife is unwilling to wear a sexy underwear to the street, she should also respect her thoughts and don’t force it or ignore her wishes.Interest underwear is just adding fun, not a necessity in the family.


Teaching his wife to wear fun underwear on the streets need to be careful, patience, attempt, and adaptation.After all, everyone’s preferences are different, and happiness is based on self -confidence.If the wife is really interested, then encourage her, but if the wife doesn’t like it, don’t force it.Respecting her will is equally important.

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