Tear the fun underwear when doing it

How to correctly wear sexy underwear can make you more sexy and confidently express yourself.However, when wearing erotic underwear, it is easy to tear the underwear.Here are some tips on how to wear sexy underwear correctly and how to avoid tearing sex underwear.

Buy the right sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, choose the size that suits you.If the sexy underwear is too tight or too loose, it may cause the sexy underwear to be torn.In addition, choose high -quality sexy underwear to ensure that they are not easy to damage.

Don’t rush to undress

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, don’t rush to take them off.You should wear them for a while to ensure that they are suitable for you and keep in the right position.If you take them off too early, you may tear up the sexy underwear.Maintaining erotic underwear in the right place can help you walk, sit down, or even dance, they will keep them in the right position.

Use the correct order of dressing

The correct order of dressing is also important.First, wear underwear or thongs, and then wear sexy underwear.This can ensure that the sexy underwear will not stick to your skin, and it can also avoid tearing the sexy underwear.

Avoid using nails

When you wear sexy underwear, avoid using your nails.Nails may tear your sexy underwear.If you need to adjust the location of the sexy underwear, use your fingers to gently move the sexy underwear.

Remember to maintain sexy underwear

Correct maintenance and cleaning are one of the keys to maintaining sexy underwear intact.Before using sexy underwear, you must carefully read the washing instructions.When washing sex underwear, use cold water and mild detergent.Do not use the dryer to dry, because high temperature may deform sexy underwear, causing them to be torn.

Dressed in appropriate underwear

If you plan to wear sexy underwear outside, wearing appropriate clothes at home may help.Wearing appropriate clothing can avoid friction and tear.For example, wearing a soft dress or loose clothes may help protect sexy underwear.

Of course, another way is to enjoy sexy at home.There is no need to worry about the romantic underwear being torn.

do not worry

Finally, keep calm and not nervous.If you feel nervous, it is likely to cause you to be busy, which may cause sexy underwear to be torn.Being confidence, self -confidence is one of the key to sexy, and the external expression of self -confidence can be reflected by wearing erotic underwear.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear is a hand -dancing art.Pay attention to size, sequence of dressing, correct maintenance and cleaning, and do not rush to undress.Wearing proper underwear and keeping calmness is also an important part of maintaining good sexy lingerie.These techniques can help you wear sexy underwear correctly and avoid tearing them.

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