Temptation of sexy underwear three -piece set


At present, sexy underwear is no longer a sexual product in the traditional sense, but a fashion item that displays female sexy and elegant curves.Among them, the three -piece set is popular.It is composed of jackets, underwear, suspender or socks. It is properly matched. It can not only release unique charm in bed, but also wear in daily life, bringing self -confidence and beauty.

Style introduction

No matter what type of sexy underwear, it is pursuing sexy, bold, avant -garde and different characteristics.The following are several classic styles:

Lace lace: lace lace is the most common element in sexy underwear. Exquisite lace and soft texture can show the gentle side of women.

Net eye perspective: Perspective materials can always give people a sense of mystery, while net eye perspectives perfectly combine mystery and sexy sexy, which can best stimulate people’s curiosity.

Hollow design: hollow design is the most unique element of sexy underwear, which can maximize the proportion of women.

Material option

When choosing a three -piece set of fun underwear, the material is also crucial.Here are several more common erotic lingerie materials.

Silk: Silk is the best choice for improving the sexy index of women, and it is comfortable to wear.

Lace: The texture of lace erotic underwear is particularly important. Only by choosing the right elastic, velvet, three -dimensional lace texture, can we wear it comfortably and maximize the curve of women.

PU: PU material is a kind of imitation leather material, which has a very strong sexy and visual impact, and it is also very comfortable and warm.

Matching skills

Three -piece of sexy underwear can not only be worn on the bed, but also can be used for daily wear.The following are several matching techniques:

Personality creates as follows: elements such as contrasting color, suit, pattern can be combined at will to create their own unique style of wearing style.

Enough challenge: When wearing a three -piece set of sexy underwear, put aside the traditional concept and challenge yourself.

Match with you: With the appropriate downfit, jacket or shoes, you can create more amazing wear effects.

size selection

When buying three -piece sexy underwear, the choice of size is particularly important.On the one hand, excessive size or too small will affect the wear effect. On the other hand, the appropriate size can reduce the discomfort during the wear process.It is recommended to measure the body carefully and refer to the size table for selection before purchasing.


The correct maintenance method can extend the life of the three -piece lingerie of the sexy lingerie.The following is the place worth noting:

Hand washing: Three -piece of sexy underwear is too delicate and needed to use special detergents, and hand washing is the most secure method.

Avoid sunlight exposure: Sunshine can easily make lace or mesh see -through materials hard or yellow.

Avoid ironing: The sexy underwear of silk and PU material cannot be ironed, and the hot pants can cause the material to harden.

Brand recommendation

There are many sexy underwear brands on the market, but the following brands have a certain reputation:



La Perla

Price area

The price is one of the most concerned issues when many people buy a three -piece suit of sexy underwear.Here are several affordable brands and platforms:




Best occasion

Although the three -piece sexy underwear shows the feminine charm perfectly, we need to pay attention to the following principles on different occasions:

Bed: The most applicable occasion for the three -piece set of sexy underwear is to wear on the bed to add passion to sexual life.

Party: During the party, the three -piece color of the sexual underwear of the perspective material or the hollow design will make you the most striking person at the party.

Casual time: With loose jackets or jeans, you can put it on it at leisure time.


Three -piece of sexy underwear is not only a fashionable item, it is also a manifestation of confidence and sexy.However, when wearing, you need to pay attention to the occasion and matching, and pay more attention to the material options and maintenance methods.If you choose properly and wear the unique charm of women, you can make women confident, charming, and irresistible.

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