The Basic Model JK is a sexy underwear

The Basic Model JK is a sexy underwear

As a high -level close -up clothing of modern women, sexy underwear can not only enhance the sexy charm of women, but also stimulate emotions and inspire potential desires, and is loved by women.The Chinese brand is the leader in the sex lingerie brand, and its basic JK is also a sexy underwear for many women.In this article, we will explain why the Basic JK of the Chinese brand can become a sexy underwear and bring to what practicality and comfort.

Its sexy sense

As a plump route in the sexy underwear, the bras of the basic model JK and panties are at least the same as mesh lace, which causes a beauty hint. Women in this style can consider wearing this interest on weekendsLingerie play with husband and wife sex game.And especially suitable for young women.

Its comfort

The basic model of the Chinese brand is particularly suitable for Asian women to have a hard cup. The silk hook is deeper. The curve of the breasts is really good. There is a certain elasticity in the strap. You can enter different sizes. When wearing itPersonally, soft and supportive, it is not easy to slip.

It is widely used

The use of the basic model of the Chinese brand is convenient and practical, because its bra does not have cold pads and squeeze pads, which is purely shaping the breasts, and it is very natural after wearing it.At the same time, because of its hood design, it is easy to put on and take off without the need to go through the multi -penetration and remove skills.

Its color is complicated

There are more than ten colors of the Basic JK, including black, white, rose red, Tibetan green, etc., which are very in line with different women’s understanding and needs for beauty.In addition, it involves a visual perception, and dark colors such as black or dark underwear are more recommended and more sexy, giving a noble sense of morality; light and low -saturated underwear will give people a fresh senseEssence

Its price is relatively close to the people

Compared with other interesting underwear brands, the price of Basic Basic JK is relatively moderate and relatively close to the people.The quality of the well -quality series of sexy underwear is generally between 200 yuan and 300 yuan. Compared with other high -end brands, the price is approachable. In terms of classic basic models, it is worth investing.

Its product packaging hygiene

The product packaging of the Basic Basic JK is top -level, and plastic packaging is used inside. In order to avoid daily dust and mites invading, and then with outer packaging, it is perfectly realized after use.More hygienic and convenient.

Its length and width are suitable

The quality of the basic model of the brand is high, so the adaptability of its size is also a problem that there is no need to worry.Underwear, which is especially suitable for Oriental figures, is not easy to slide. The book and the lower body are well fitted, which will not be embarrassing to expose fat or naughty belly.

Its manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of the Chinese brand JK is very exquisite. The corset uses 3D tailoring technology, combined with the characteristics of the material and the human chest shape, so that the airbags use the elegant and natural support shape. Playing the whole shape is the natural arc.A curve in line with human chest shape.


Generally speaking, the Basic John JK is a boutique integrating practicality and comfort. Whether it is internal design, material selection, and even product packaging, it provides customers with the greatest protection and one of the sexy underwear.classic style.Whether it is an initial erotic underwear or a comfortable fit, the Bente Basic JK is a good choice.

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