The boy said he wanted to send me sexy underwear

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The boy said he wanted to send me sexy underwear

When boys say that they want to send erotic underwear to girls, girls usually face a question: how to choose the sexy underwear that is best for you?The understanding of the half -knowledge and half -understanding is obviously not enough. Let me introduce some types of sexy underwear and how to choose.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are usually the most likely to be thought of.This underwear design is simple, the overall style is mainly sexy, which can show the body curve well. It is a underwear that enhances the taste and intimacy of couples.


Stockings are also a classic element in the field of underwear.Stockings can improve sexuality well, and it is also one of the factor -style matching elements of many sexy lingerie styles.

Tight -fitting

Tight -fitting jacket is a bolder and sexy choice that can fully show the beautiful curve of women’s bodies.It is best to choose a size that is suitable for your body to ensure comfort and amazing effect.

Transparent lace

Transparent lace is a more charming and romantic sexy lingerie style.This underwear uses transparent fabrics and lace elements, so that women can also show softness and romance at the same time.

Open underwear and thong

Opening panties and thongs are two common sexy lingerie styles.These two uses a bolder design, which can stimulate the visual sense of men well.

Sexy three -point

Sexy three -point style is a suit consisting of tops, underwear and stockings, and is usually regarded as a kind of sexy underwear.This underwear fully shows the beautiful curve of women’s body, which can improve the charm of women.

Audrey Hepburn style

Audrey Hepburn’s style attaches importance to internal temperament, focusing on detail design and simple and elegant overall style.This sexy lingerie style is usually a swimsuit version and a dark silk scarf. The degree of sexy is not strong, but it still allows women to emit their sexy temperament in softness.

Color matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, color matching is also a very important element.Under normal circumstances, black underwear can increase women’s sexy senses well, while light -colored underwear can better reflect the feminine temperament of women.

Size suitable for you

Finally, no matter what kind of sexy underwear is selected, it is very important to choose the style suitable for your own size.Underwear with suitable sizes can well show the beautiful curve of the body, while also ensuring comfort and health.

It can be seen that choosing sexy underwear is not easy.Women need to consider their bodies and personality carefully, combine with various elements to choose the most suitable sex underwear for them, and finally achieve the purpose of improving women’s sexy charm.

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