The daughter -in -law wears a fun underwear laughing field

Surprise of the daughter -in -law

One night, I returned home and prepared to welcome a surprise belonging to my wife.I pushed the door and saw a scene I have never seen -my wife wore a sexy underwear, walked in front of me, and asked me what I had.

In front of

My first reaction was that I was in front of me, as if I saw a brand new world.I touched my wife’s body with my hands and carefully observed the sexy underwear it wearable.This clothing can emphasize and highlight the beauty of women, making them look more sexy and charming.

Understand the wife’s good intentions

When I carefully appreciated my wife’s dress, I began to understand her good intentions.In my opinion, selective sexy underwear is one of the way women show their beauty to the world.Wife choosing such a underwear is to show me her own beauty, and at the same time add some passion and fun to our marriage.

Full of temptation style

Sex underwear is usually designed with various materials and styles.When I carefully watched the sexy underwear worn by my wife, I found it full of sexy atmosphere.This underwear uses some adult designs, and at the same time, it shows some seductive styles.

There must be appropriate size

The size of the underwear is particularly important.If you wear it properly, sexy underwear can make women look sexy and charming, and can highlight the advantages of the figure. If the size is incorrect, it may cause discomfort or affect the entire wear effect on the body.Therefore, it is important to choose the right size.

details make a difference

Interest underwear can highlight the beauty of women.In this regard, the design of the details determines whether it is successful.Exquisite underwear can make people feel the elegance of women, and inferior or even inferior underwear can be very impressive.

Tailoring is a good choice

When considering the purchase of sexy lingerie, tailor -made customization may be your best choice.This method can ensure the personal degree of underwear and the body, thereby effectively avoiding some unnecessary embarrassment.At the same time, tailor -made is one of the best ways to ensure sexy and beautiful.

Don’t leave a sensitive part

When choosing sexy underwear, be sure to avoid irritation or discomfort.We must choose the right and reasonable type of underwear as much as possible. Do not let the underwear leave too sensitive parts, otherwise it may affect the body.

Recommend to friends, unlike revealing privacy

It is a good choice to share some fun underwear with some friends, which is different from revealing privacy.Of course, you must make sure that it is appropriate and will not affect the lives of others.

Sexy underwear is not just a clothing on the bed

Interest underwear is not just a clothing on the bed, it can even become popular clothing in more occasions.At many banquets, sexy underwear not only shows sexy and gender charm, but also shows elegance and petty sense.

Point of view

Interesting underwear can add a sense of fun and obligation between husband and wife, and it is also one of the ways women express their beauty.However, we must remember that sexy and beauty is a conditional reflection, and the real beauty is the inner details.We should pay attention to the inner construction, so as to obtain a truly beautiful life and happiness.

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