The earliest sexy underwear model performance in Brazil

Background introduction

Brazil has always been an important producer and consumer country for sexy underwear. Because of the exposed and sexy cultural atmosphere, the Brazilian sex underwear market is prosperous.At the same time, Brazil is also one of the main hosts of the Global Sex Underwear Exhibition.

The earliest sexy underwear model performance in Brazil

In 1968, Brazilian President Gurlemo Marinho and other government officials and business representatives found that the Casablanca Night Club located on the coast of Rio de Janeiro can conduct a shocking event, that is, the sexy underwear model, the so -called Desfilede lingerie.

Failure of sexy underwear model performance

When the only three sexy underwear who was wearing the only three sexy underwear at the time walked on the stage, the audience generally had an extremely dislocated mentality.The audience was criticized for models’ performance and sexy attitude.

Rebirth of sexy underwear model performance

However, such a negative evaluation did not prevent the success of the sexy underwear model.In the 1970s, sexy underwear model performances returned to the stage, but the response this time was very different -it was regarded as a kind of exploration and appreciation of women’s products and female main performance.welcome.

The status quo of the Brazilian sex underwear market

Today, Brazil’s sexy underwear market is very mature. Local brands such as Hope, Loungerie, and RECCO have won a good reputation and reputation.In addition, Brazil also has many erotic underwear industrial chain companies.

Features of Brazil’s sex underwear market

Brazil’s sexy underwear market is characterized by rich styles, diverse materials, cost -effectiveness, and focusing on packaging.The appearance and quality of the product are different to meet the quality and style of various consumers.

Brazilian lingerie consumers’ attention to quality

In Brazil, consumers pay great attention to the quality of sexy underwear.They generally understand how to distinguish between high -quality materials and sexy underwear, and be cautious about cheap and low -quality products.

The characteristics of Brazilian sex lingerie design

Brazil’s sexy underwear is very unique.It combines the strong contrast of color and the mixed matching of different fabrics, making the product a fresh and sexy feeling.At the same time, the details of the product are very sophisticated. Various glue, hook buckles and accessories are full of natural and smooth lines.

in conclusion

Brazil is a very open and artistic country. Its huge market and creative people have created a colorful sexy underwear world.At the same time, it has high requirements for the internal and external quality of women’s related products, which has made Brazil’s sexy underwear market continue to innovate and progress, attracting the attention of the world.

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