The erotic lingerie category is not transformed

Interest underwear is a special nature of clothing, which is widely used in treatment and prevention of sexual emotion.However, on the e -commerce platform, the sales of sexy underwear are not satisfactory, and the category is often not fully released.In this article, we will discuss the causes of this phenomenon and propose a solution.

1. Question: Interesting underwear lacks subdivision

The sexy underwear market is intricate and it is difficult to be entangled.Merchants do not subdivide the type of sexy underwear.Such a negative impact is that consumers may find some type of sexy underwear but feel at a loss because of a large number of messy products.

2. Solution: detailed classification of sexy underwear categories

Merchants need to classify and segmented the types of sexy underwear in detail.For example, beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, adult erotic underwear, etc.This will enable consumers to browse and find the products they need.

3. Question: The classification of sexy underwear is not clear enough

Even if the category of sexy underwear is distinguished, there are still some unclear or repeated classifications.For example, there are many similarities between beauty underwear and sexy underwear and sexy underwear, which is difficult to distinguish.This will cause the category to repeat, and consumers are easily confused about it.

4. Solution: Create a clear classification table

Creating a clear classification table will eliminate the problem of chaotic category.The category table should list the sizes, styles, colors and uses of each sexy underwear in detail.This will help consumers find the goods they need faster.

5. Question: Detailed description of the characteristics of sexy underwear

Many merchants have not provided detailed descriptions for each sexy underwear on their websites.Consumers may not know if a sexy underwear is suitable for their body shape or emotions.

6. Solution: Provide detailed descriptions and guidelines

Providing detailed descriptions and guidelines will help consumers find sexy underwear that suits them.These descriptions should include the materials, size, use and recommendation of sexy underwear.

7. Question: The quality of the picture is low

In the sales of sexy underwear, pictures are crucial.However, many merchants use low -quality or unclear pictures on their websites.This may make consumers unable to see the real colors, details and overall effects of sexy underwear.

8. Solution: Use high -quality pictures

Merchants need to use high -quality pictures to show the characteristics of sexy underwear.In order to ensure successful sales, they should provide multiple angles of images and model demonstrations of different skin colors.

9. Question: Prices are opaque

In many cases, consumers may encounter opaque prices.They cannot determine the actual price of sexy underwear and may be charged more.

10. Solution: open prices and provide transparent return policies

Merchants should disclose the price of sexy underwear on the website to avoid misleading or more charges.They should also provide a transparent return policy to protect consumers’ rights and interests.


If merchants can classify and describe their sexy underwear in detail, provide them with high -quality pictures, and disclose information such as price and return policy, they will be able to better promote their products and meet consumer needs.Through these measures, sexy underwear will no longer be a difficult product.

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