The feeling of wearing a sexy lingerie boyfriend


Wearing erotic underwear is the fashion trend of modern women, and sexy underwear makes women more sexy and charming.However, in addition to bringing confidence and aesthetics to women, is there any other use of sexy underwear?So, what will men feel like women’s sexy underwear?This article will explore the feeling of wearing sexy underwear.

The feeling of being restrained disappeared

After wearing a sexy underwear, men will feel that the feeling of being restrained has disappeared.Traditional male underwear adopts a restraint design, especially tight underwear.And because of the soft texture, the texture will make the body better relax, the curve is better emphasized, the experience is more comfortable, and it will not produce a sense of restraint.

Psychological stimulus

In addition to physical changes in sex underwear, men also have psychological stimuli.Especially in terms of sexual requirements.The stimulus of sexy underwear to men comes from the curiosity hidden in women’s sexy underwear, and the small stimulus brought about by this secret.

Good cost -effective

Wearing a sexy underwear will feel more cost -effective than other underwear.The cost of buying sexy underwear is not high, but it will make you look more sexy after you wear it, and the figure curve is better emphasized.Moreover, the design and fabrics of sexy underwear are not as tedious as traditional underwear. They often use innovative materials and details, so they look high -level and exquisite.In terms of purchase, it is also more thoughtful than traditional underwear and the price is more affordable.


The design of erotic underwear has significant help to the shape of the figure.There are many types of sexy underwear, such as bikinis, sexy, lace, transparent and so on.Each type of sexy underwear has its own characteristics and functions.For example, transparent erotic underwear allows people to see the details of the skin, covering irregular or opaque underwear to make the body more slender.

Make you more confident

Wearing erotic underwear will make you more confident, because sexy underwear will bring you a feeling of self -explanation.It emphasizes your body curve, making you more beautiful in your body, and it feels more confident.

Increased sexual fantasy

Wearing a sexy underwear will stimulate your sexual fantasy.Sex underwear usually only shows a part of the body, and the places displayed in this part are always the most attractive places, such as cleavage, hips, waist, and so on.This display of clothing often makes people have a curiosity and desire for unknown unknown to stimulate sexual fantasies.

Body care

Wearing a sex underwear is a kind of body care. Even if the pocket is not so rich, it can also bring some warmth to ourselves. This feeling comes from our special attention to our daily care, especially sexy sexyCare of body parts.

Increase the pursuit of sex

Wearing erotic underwear can increase the pursuit of sex.Compared with traditional underwear, the changes in the structure of sexy underwear are always more subtle and subtle, especially when implied or goodwill, they are usually appreciated by sexual partners.

Enhanced visual experience

Wearing sexy underwear can enhance the visual experience.Sex underwear usually has better design and more focused details.The materials they use often have a sense of fashion and are very comfortable to touch.These factors can increase physical feelings and stimulate physical emotional reactions visually.

in conclusion

This article talks about the experience of men’s sexy underwear.It can be seen that there are many benefits for men to men.Wearing erotic underwear can enhance the pride of men, increase self -confidence in themselves and sex, and also enhance visual and psychological stimuli.It can be seen that erotic underwear is not just a female fashion trend, it is a favorable physical care and enhanced personal self -confidence for everyone.

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