The male lead asked the female lead to send him a sexy underwear

The male lead suddenly request

The male lead suddenly proposed to let the female lead send him a sexy underwear, which may surprise or confuse the heroine.At this time, the hostess should calmly analyze the true intention and needs of the male lead in order to better solve the problem.

First confirm the needs of the male lead

The heroine can ask the male lead’s preferences and sizes such as sexy underwear in order to choose suitable products.At the same time, understand which type of sexy underwear wants to test, such as products with stimulating effects or special styles.

Consider the emotional relationship between both men and women

For the emotional relationship between men and women, the female lead needs to consider whether the male lead’s request is appropriate.If the relationship between the two people is relatively stable and interested in this kind of thing, the female lead can act according to the request of the male lead.If the female lead feels that this request is not suitable for the relationship between two people, or the heroine herself is not interested in sexy underwear, then she needs to reject the male lead’s request.

Choose suitable merchants

The heroine needs to choose a reputable merchant to buy sexy underwear.This can ensure the quality and safety of the product, while also protecting personal privacy.

Pay attention to keeping secrets

After buying a sexy underwear, the hostess needs to pay attention to confidentiality.Whether it is to send the underwear to the male lead or in a specific position, it is necessary to ensure that privacy is not leaked.When giving the male lead in sex underwear, the female lead can conduct in a comfortable and relaxed environment, or choose to buy, choose underwear, etc. with the male lead.

Avoid embarrassing atmosphere

Sometimes choosing sexy underwear will have an awkward or uncomfortable atmosphere, so the hostess needs to be very careful when buying, choosing and sending sexy underwear.It is recommended that the female lead can choose some interesting small gifts or sexy toys to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere.

The psychological preparation of both men and women

When choosing and sending sex underwear, the heroine needs to consider the degree of acceptance of the male lead.If the male lead is still unfamiliar with this kind of thing, or conflict, then you need to slowly guide and prepare to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstanding.


After sending a sexy underwear, you may wish to let the men and women experience it together, so that you can better understand the other party’s needs and hobbies.At the same time, such experiences may make two people closer.

Proper use of sexy underwear

Finally, the heroine needs to emphasize the proper use of sexy underwear to prevent adverse consequences.At the same time, both men and women should pay attention to safety and hygiene issues when using sexy underwear.


The male lead to send the female lead to send a sexy underwear is something that needs to be carefully considered.The female lead needs to determine the needs of the male lead, consider the emotional relationship between the two sides, choose the suitable merchant and underwear, pay attention to confidentiality and avoid embarrassing atmosphere, pay attention to psychological preparation and experience, and properly use sexy underwear.In this way, this thing can be successfully resolved, and at the same time, let men and women understand each other’s needs and hobbies more, and enhance each other’s feelings.

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