The most popular sexy underwear catwalk video

Introduction: The sexy underwear show makes the heart jump accelerate

Imagine that the sexy beauty showed the latest style of sexy underwear on the runway. The photographers were busy catching each moment, and the audience’s heartbeat accelerated. This is the charm of the sexy lingerie show.Recently, the most hot -fashioned underwear catwalk videos are the length of major brands, let’s take a look together.

First Brand: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret sexy underwear show is one of the world’s most famous sexy underwear shows, attracting countless stars and audiences.These sexy women put on the latest sexy underwear, showing unparalleled style.

Second brand: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a brand with European -style mood. Not only is it bold and innovative in sexy underwear, but also after designing it.The brand’s catwalk is not only sexy women, but also fun and light performances.

Third Brand: L’Agent

L’Agent is a comfortable, sexy, Victorian brand.Its exquisite underwear combination and perfect catwalk scene perfectly show the rich connotation of the brand.

Fourth Brand: Frederick’s of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood is a brand with a long history.Their sexy underwear series is particularly famous, constantly leading the trend of this industry.The catwalk is full of jokes and naughty, making the audience excitement.

Fifth Brand: La Perla

La Perla is a noble and elegant brand. The underwear design and typesetting of the store is close to perfect.Fun underwear walking show is full of luxury and charm.

Sixth Brand: Tease by Lovehoney

Tease by Lovehoney is a well -known sexy underwear equipment: transparent sexy underwear.The woman in the catwalk exudes a high -level and erotic temperament.

Seventh brand: Bluebella

Bluebella is a futuristic brand, often sounds sexy than it looks.This is the impression of this brand show, which is impressive.

Eighth Brand: Coco de Mer

Coco de MER is a real luxury brand. They collect sexy underwear around the world. These things are often suitable for strange sexual fantasy people.In the catwalk, we can see more colorful and mysterious sexy.

Ninth Brand: Bordelle

Bordelle is a perfect brand that represents the old school, with a sweltering environment, the painted room peeling off and the special party in the middle of the night.The unforgettable plot of that scene is very typical. Women wearing outlines of sexy underwear, walking through the dark room, beating the enthusiastic festival, deepening the unique temperament of this brand.

Tenth Brand: Playful Promises

Playful Promises is a brand pursuing civilianization, as is the same as the sexy underwear they made.Wearing their underwear style on the catwalk, creating a very cheerful atmosphere, full of innovation and fun.

Conclusion: The sexy underwear show is so exciting

The sexy underwear show always attracts many spectators, because everyone has different preferences, seeing sexy clothing models, hearing cheerful music, and smelling the strong and seductive perfume flavor, can make people’s heart jump accelerate.Each brand has its own unique style and characteristics, which meets the appreciation needs of different people.No matter where you come from, you can find the underwear style and smell that suits you on the sexy lingerie show.

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