The name of the famous erotic underwear on Taobao

The name of the famous erotic underwear on Taobao

1. "Sailor suit"

Sailor clothes are a very cute and sexy sexy underwear. Its design inspiration comes from traditional navy uniforms, so its main color is blue and white.The top of the sailor clothing is a short camisole, the hem is a short puff skirt, and the skirt part is usually equipped with exquisite lace edges to make the entire clothing more charming.

2. "Maid costume"

The maid dress is a sexy underwear with a strong flirting effect. It imitates the traditional European maid’s work outfit, so in addition to the main color of black and white, there will also be red, pink and other colors to choose from.The maid contains elements such as camisole, skirts, and head holes. The whole set of sexy underwear gives people a feeling of desire to conquer strongly.

3. "Uniform temptation"

Uniform temptation is a very common sexy lingerie style. Its design is inspired by Japanese school uniforms and professional uniforms.Uniform temptation underwear usually includes elements such as suspenders, lace skirts, and ties. It is usually sexy, cute, and charming.

4. "sexy bellyband"

Sexy bellyband is a basic sexy underwear, which is simple and common.Under normal circumstances, it consists of two lace triangles, the waist bodies bless the chest, plus a simple T shape.Sexy bellyband is suitable for women who want to attract and delicate sexy and beautiful.

5. "Lace Dress"

Lace dress is a very practical sexy underwear. In addition to ensuring sexy and charming effects, it can also be worn as ordinary clothes.The lace dresses are divided into two types: short and long. Most of the waist has strengthened tightening design, making the whole person look better and is loved by European and American women.

6. "Open State Stockings"

Open stockings are often matched with suspenders and maid clothes. Stockings cross -network cables or thin codes are very sexy and irritating.The entire stockings use transparent material and open waist design. If it is matched with other erotic underwear, it will look more attractive.

7. "tight skirt"

Tight skirt is a very common sexy lingerie style. It focuses on the beauty of lines and curves.The tight skirt is usually made of elastic material. The entire short skirt can be perfectly displayed to the body shape and curve, and it provides sufficient lower body coverage and support, which is very suitable for other sexy underwear.

8. "Perspective"

Perspective installation is actually a vocabulary belonging to the underwear term. It mainly refers to parts that add transparent materials to the underwear decoration.Perspective formats mainly include perspective corset, perspective pants, perspective long skirts, etc.They all have the characteristics of breathability and lightness, and also have a good display effect on the lines and skin texture of the figure.

9. "Sexy Swimsuit"

Sexy swimsuit is a typical sexy lingerie, which is independent of daily wear occasions.Sexy swimsuits are usually divided into two types: three -point and split type. During the design, it focuses on the coverage and display effect of the three parts of the breast, waist and hips, and perfectly shows the curve and beauty of women.

10. "Silk Galashi"

The silk nightdress is a sexy underwear that is very suitable for night. Its comfort and softness gives people a very soft feeling.The silk nightdress can highlight the lines of women’s bodies. It is usually divided into two types: a single cashmill model and a shoulder strap model. It is a very classic erotic pajama.

In general, there are many famous sexy underwear on Taobao. The design of each underwear contains different sexy methods and style elements.When buying sexy underwear, you must choose according to your body and preferences, so as to perfectly show your charm and gesture.

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