The senior gave me a sexy underwear

Send me sexy underwear for the first time

I met a senior in college, and we soon became good friends.One day, he suddenly gave me a set of sexy lingerie, and I was surprised at the time.This is the first time I have received such a gift, a little shy and a little happy.

Different design styles

The design of this set of sexy underwear is very different from ordinary underwear.There are many details on it, adding some sexy and ambiguous taste.At that time, I didn’t look at his design details carefully, but I just felt that his design style was very special.

Changes in the body

When trying to penetrate this sexy underwear, I found that my body became more seductive.The design of the underwear has made me a more confident and sexy woman.This makes me feel that the design of the underwear can indeed change a person’s temperament and confidence.

Beautiful and comfortable fabric

The material of this set of sexy underwear is very good, comfortable, and good texture.The soft fabric feels very comfortable, and it will not feel too tight and unbearable like some cheap underwear.

How to match clothes

Wearing this set of fun underwear, I found that the matching with clothing is very critical.Because sexy underwear is more special, it is necessary to pay attention to integrating the mainstream trend elements in order to better match the effect of strange victory.After many attempts, I summarized some tips about matching.

Brand and price

This set of sexy underwear is produced by well -known brands, so the quality is guaranteed and the price is relatively high.However, compared with other high -end underwear, the price of this sexy underwear is reasonable.

Appearance details

There are many details in the design, especially in bronze metal ornaments, they add some unique elements to underwear.The existence of metal ornaments allows people to focus on the best part of underwear, so as to better highlight the beauty of underwear itself.

How to maintain

Even with good materials, the maintenance of underwear is very important.This set of sexy underwear requires hand washing and cold water. It is easy to deform or even hooks with warm water. Use hot water to fade the fabric and affect the aesthetic presentation of the underwear.

Self -confidence of sexy underwear

In the process of using this set of sexy underwear, I became more confident and attractive.These underwear itself is not magical, but they can inspire people’s inherent potential and make people more confident and sexy.Using sexy underwear can make people get rid of shyness and inferiority and make them feel more comfortable and pleasant.

How to choose a sexy jacket

When selecting sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of style and size.First of all, you must consider your favorite style. Different people have different aesthetic needs, which requires selection in the styles you pay attention to.The second is to choose according to your own size. The choice of size is also very important. Excessive or too small will affect the comfort and even health of the underwear. Therefore, the correct size selection is very important.


Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear has richer details and designs, which can better cultivate and shape the body, and increase women’s confidence and sexy.Exquisite sexy underwear will make you feel better and help bring extra confidence, but pay attention to the choice of size and style, while strengthening the maintenance of the underwear to extend the life.

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