The senior takes me to buy sexy underwear

The first time I buy sexy sheets

I am shy. For the first time I bought sexy underwear, I do n’t know what style I choose, which size to buy, and even I do n’t know which store to go to.Fortunately, my senior often bought sexy underwear, and he promised to take me to buy it.

Choose a style that suits you

When I arrived at the sex underwear store, I saw a variety of styles, sexy and charming, cute and playful, and even some strange styles.The senior tells me that you need to choose a style that suits you. Don’t pursue too exaggerated design. It is the most important thing for comfort.

Importance of size

The size of sexy underwear is very important. Different brands of size may be different, and the modification of the body is also different.The senior suggested that I try it on and choose the right size. Don’t think that it will be more comfortable when buying it. In fact, the appropriate size will be more beautiful.

Understand your body characteristics

To buy sexy underwear also needs to understand your body characteristics and find a design that suits you.For example, some people’s chests are full and need to choose supporting designs; some people have large hips and can choose the style of beam hip.The key is to understand your body characteristics and find a design that suits you.

Fairy underwear fabric

The fabric of sexy underwear is also very important. To choose good quality fabrics, it can not only better modify the figure, but also give the skin better protection.Some high -quality sexy underwear fabrics also have the function of absorbing sweat and breathable, which is more comfortable.

Matching accessories

To buy sexy underwear also requires suitable accessories, such as stockings, high heels, etc. These accessories can further increase the sexy effect, but also need to pay attention to the matching with sex underwear.The senior told me not to pursue too exaggerated combinations, simple and generous are more suitable for you.

Preparation before buying

To buy sex underwear, you also need to do some preparations, such as paying attention to cleaning sex underwear, choosing the right color and style.The senior reminds me that you need to understand your needs before buying, and make preparations in advance in order to better choose and buy.

Pay attention to the hygiene of private space

Sex underwear is a clothing related to private space, and you need to pay attention to hygiene issues.Before buying, choose a store with good quality and good reputation to avoid buying fake sexy underwear.Pay attention to cleaning according to the cleaning instructions to avoid infection.

Significance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a fashion item, but also a prop to increase interest and sexy.It can make people more confident and make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious. It is part of the lack of life in life.Of course, you need to pay attention to moderate to choosing and buying sexy underwear, and do not add to it too much.


Although sexy, gorgeous, and seductive sexy underwear is attractive, but when buying, we need to think rationally and understand our needs and figure characteristics in order to buy products that really suits them.Only in this way can we truly experience the beauty of sexy underwear and achieve the effect of increasing interest and enhancing sexy.

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