The sexy underwear bought by my husband is given to his wife

The sexy underwear bought by my husband is given to his wife, you need to pay attention to these matters

In love or marriage, sexy underwear is considered a way to increase interest and intimacy.If your husband has bought a sexy underwear for you to increase your sexual life, this may be a fascinating experience.Of course, you have to be ready to accept new visual and sensory experience.Here, this article will provide some tips and suggestions for buying sexy underwear and wearing sexy lingerie from several aspects.

Selection of sex underwear

First of all, we need to consider choosing the correct, safe and comfortable needs of the correct sexy underwear.When we buy sexy underwear, we should listen to the advice of underwear experts.They can provide you with some amazing and personalized designs, and can also take into account size and quality issues.When you choose to buy sexy underwear, please buy high -quality styles, because this can not only maintain a good shape, but also increase the comfort of wearing.

Style and design

Secondly, it is important to choose a style and design that suits you.Everyone’s aesthetic view is different, so please don’t make yourself uncomfortable or uncomfortable, wear a style and style that suits you.The styles of some popular sexy underwear include lace, mesh, satin and lace.Please choose according to your taste and needs.

Size problem

Each woman’s body is different, and it is important to find a size suitable for you.Appropriate underwear size will make you feel more comfortable and confident.In addition, buying the right size can also avoid some embarrassing situations.You can determine your size by tailoring, trying on, or consulting professionals.

How to try on

When trying to wear sexy underwear, we should not just pay attention to the appearance of the underwear, but we must also consider comfort.The most important factor in determining whether you buy or use a underwear is whether it can comfortably set off your body and curve.Only in this way can erotic lingerie show its unique beauty.


Matching is an art.You need to match the sexy underwear and other clothing correctly.For example, you can choose underwear and socks suitable for sexy underwear.In color matching, if the underwear is black and white, it can be properly paired with gray or yellow underwear. If the underwear is light, it can be matched with dark colors.

Operation and maintenance

Once you buy sexy underwear, you also need to maintain them properly.Wash with cold water to avoid using bleach or other powerful cleaner.Do not expose it, you should choose to dry it in a cool place.In addition, when cleaning with a washing machine, you need to pay attention to the magic stickers of the underwear first, so as not to wrap it in other clothes in the washing machine.


When we wear sexy underwear, we need to use them in the right atmosphere.The real value of underwear is that they can help create a surprising new experience at intimacy, but this requires a suitable environment and atmosphere to assist.Therefore, when using sexy underwear, we need to ensure a comfortable, safe and private place.

Personal preferences

Finally, it is worth mentioning that sexy underwear should not be mandatory.In marriage life, you and your partner should respect each other and should not impose your beliefs and requirements.On the contrary, you and your partner should discuss their preferences and needs and make a satisfactory decision.

in conclusion

If your partner has purchased sexy underwear for you, this may be a special expression.Choose a comfortable, secure, and suitable sexy underwear, and use them in the right occasion, which will bring you new visual and sensory experience.Remember to respect yourself and your partner, and maintain a proper atmosphere and personal preference.

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