The story of classmates wearing a sexy lingerie to school

The story of classmates wearing a sexy lingerie to school

Paragraph 1: Students who are unable to wear

Small title: Watching the eyes

According to the author’s observation, a female classmate in the class starts from last week, wearing some sexy underwear to go to school every day.Her behavior attracted the attention of many classmates. They would stare at her intently, and their eyes were full of excitement and curiosity.

Paragraph 2: Infusion of erotic underwear

Small title: Spring Light outer leak

Whether in class, eating, or extra -curricular time, classmates can always see her sexy underwear, and many times they will not look very elegant.When she raised her hand or walk, the spring leakage occurred from time to time, which made the male students in the class even more addicted.

Paragraph 3: Classmates watching the lively

Title: Collective action

Due to the behavior of this female classmate caused a lot of sensation, the classmates in the class began to watch and began to discuss warmly: What is the sexy underwear?Where can I buy it?Is it not appropriate to wear like this?

Paragraph 4: The truth of sexy underwear

Small title: Properly ask questions

A male classmate finally couldn’t help asking the key question of this female classmate: "Why do you want to wear such a sexy underwear every day to go to school?" The female classmate replied, "Because they make me feel confident, sexy and sexy, andcharming."

Paragraph 5: Understand and tolerance

Small title: accept multiple

Hearing this answer, the classmates in the class began to understand.They realize that everyone has their own preferences and hobbies, and they should respect the choices of others and accept multiculturalism to tolerate.As a result, the classmates began to accept the dress of the female classmate.

Paragraph 6: The learning role of sexy underwear

Small title: Classroom effect

Because this female classmate’s dressing style is too special, it has caused a role, and even has controversial and discussion in the classroom.Some students believe that this kind of dress is not suitable for revealing in the school, and others believe that everyone has the right to choose their own dress style, as long as it does not hurt the feelings of others.

Paragraph 7: Correct value concept

Small title: Personality display

After this time of observation and understanding, the students found that the female classmate’s personality was very independent, confident, independent and sexy, showing us a very unique personality.We should learn to respect the choice of others and cultivate the correct value of value, and we don’t easily judge others.

Paragraph 8: The attitude of life

Title: Sexy is not equal to vulgarity

I have to say that the method of wearing this female classmate is very sexy, but it does not mean vulgarity.In the life of a corpse meal, she interpreted the sexy and life attitude in her own way. She bravely expressed her thoughts and caused everyone’s thinking about the entire social chemical life.

Paragraph 9: The impact of changes

Title: The impact on yourself and others

Through observation and analysis, we found that the dress style of this female classmate made her more confident and independent, and at the same time made others change her thoughts.And all of this stems from the way she expresses her attitude and personality in the way of sexy underwear.

Paragraph 10: Summary

Title: Sexy Self -expression

Through this story, we can see that everyone has different personalities and characteristics. People should respect the choices of others and oppose evaluation of others. Only in this way can a harmonious society be established.Finally, we should abandon our eyes to judge the behavior and appearance of others, and learn to understand and accept it together.

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