The story of wearing a sex lingerie temptation

The story of wearing a sex lingerie temptation

1. Starting encounter

At a friend’s party, he met for the first time.He revealed a mature sexy, and I couldn’t help being attracted by him.When we chatted, he fancy the sexy underwear on my body at a glance, and my face was shy.He said with a smile, "You are very tasteful, and you must be sexy to wear." From that moment, I know that the sparks between us have quietly ignited.

2. Invitation to wear sexy underwear

At the second date, I decided to put on a sexy sexy underwear and let him see the other side of me.When I took off my coat, he looked at me in surprise, and that feeling made me want to stop.He came over and patted my ass gently with his hands. My heartbeat accelerated. At this time, I heard him whispered, "Let’s go to a quiet place."

3. Our private space

We came to a hotel, and he talked a few words at the door, and then the waiter smiled and pointed at a few words.I followed him into the room. The room was very interesting, with a big bed and a bathtub.He walked to me, patted my hips with his hands, and then kissed me.His dynamic tongue made me moist, and I kept moaning, feeling as if I could sublimate to another realm.

4. Set the sexy underwear

When he took off my shirt and saw the sexy underwear wearing on my body, he smiled with joy.He walked to the bed, looked at me, touched my breasts, and unbuttoned my underwear.My nipples were hardened, and he licked it gently with his tongue, and I made a greater moan.At this time, I already felt a very strong pleasure, so that I couldn’t control myself.

5. Add fun with sexy underwear

He took out some props and seduced me. I felt my heartbeat accelerated, like a deer forced to the desperate.He tied my hand to the bedside, and then walked on my body with a cool ice cubes, and I felt numb all over my body.This feeling makes me feel very exciting.

6. Venture of sexy underwear

As we are getting more and more indulgent, I start to slowly realize that wearing erotic underwear is not only to decorate ourselves, but also enhanced the fun.We gradually control ourselves, like two wild beasts, indulge ourselves in each other’s body.

7. Aggressive performance

Under the temptation of sexy underwear, the interaction between me and me pay special attention to physical language.Every contact between us is full of vitality and dynamics.I even felt like I became a performer several times, and firmly showed him the sexy underwear on my body.

8. The peak of pleasure

Once we tried to pull another woman into it, we performed our own unique talents in bed together.We used some props to quickly stimulate each other, and finally reached the peak of joy.

9. The mystery that I realize from sex lingerie

After that, I deeply realized that erotic underwear is not just a simple clothing, it is a bearer.Through it, I can sublimate myself to another realm and appreciate the realm of unknown sex.

10. Wearing sexy underwear for sexual life is beneficial and harmful?

It is good and harmful to wear sex lingerie in sexual life.Sex underwear can help us create new experiences and focus our hearts through sex, but failure to use sexy underwear correctly may also cause health problems.We must use sexy underwear with caution.

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