The teacher wears a sexy underwear novel for me

Day 1: Surprise gift

Today is my 18th birthday. All teachers and classmates in the school have given gifts. The most surprising gift for me is the erotic underwear given to me by the teacher.

Day 2: hesitant

I have always kept a reservation of sexy underwear, and I don’t know what it will look like to wear.I hesitated and decided to try it.

Day 3: The first time wearing

This morning, I decided to put on the sexy underwear sent by the teacher to school.At first I felt a little uncomfortable, but the surprise of my classmates along the way made me gradually have a little confidence in it.

Day 4: Student’s ridicule

When I was in class today, someone in the class suddenly laughed loudly. It turned out that someone saw my sexy underwear.The classmates started to tease me, but I felt quite fun in my heart.

Day 5: Curiosity up

Some curious classmates approached me and wanted to solve the brand and nature of love underwear. I also started to have more curiosity about sexy underwear.

Day 6: Study carefully

I started to study the styles and brands of all kinds of sexy underwear on the Internet, and found that they are not only sexy, but also have many different styles.

Day Seventh: Self -confidence doubles

Wearing a sexy underwear makes me feel more confident. I started trying different ways to match and found that my dress style has become more personalized.

Day 8: Communicate with friends

I shared my new hobbies with my friends. Let’s study the characteristics of sexy underwear and different ways of matching together. The discussion is very enthusiastic.

Day 9: Buy more types

I decided to buy more sexy underwear and make more attempts and matching.I went to a professional sex shop, and the employees inside were very enthusiastic to recommend different brands and styles for me.

Day 10: Discover your beauty

Wearing erotic underwear makes me know more about my body, and let me discover my beauty more.I have become more confident and dare to try, and my life has become more colorful.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is not only a symbol of sexy, but also a underwear that can enhance women’s confidence and beauty.We should try and accept more things, discover and show our inner beauty.

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