There is no ban on the sexy underwear

There is no ban on the sexy underwear

The most controversial one in sexy underwear is the opening of sexy underwear.Open -gear erotic underwear refers to the design in the crotch part, which is to bring more exciting visual and physical feelings to the wearer.However, it has also been disgusted and criticized by many people.So, should I really "disable" the opening and fun underwear?We need to analyze from multiple aspects.

1. Origin of Fairy underwear

The initial appearance of sexy underwear was in the Western region, and its original intention was to improve the sexual blessing between husband and wife.At that time, the designers hoped to break sex taboos in this way and make people more confidently express their sexual needs.Over time, the opening and fun underwear gradually became a popular trend and began to have its own market.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of the sexy underwear

Although there are many controversials, there must be their own advantages and disadvantages.Among them, the most significant point is that it can improve sexual stimulation to a certain extent.The opening design makes the sensitive parts more stimulating, and then strengthen the sexual experience.At the same time, the adoption of opening and fun underwear also means liberation and courage.Putting on it, wearers will feel more confident and brave.

However, it is not possible to ignore the shortcomings of the sexy lingerie.First of all, it may not be applicable to people of different figures.Because the size and shape of the opening may be different, improper wear will bring uncomfortable feeling.In addition, in some occasions, the opening design may also seem to be unsuitable, and even make people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

3. Should I be "disabled" when the opening of the stall sex underwear?

Since the opening of sexy underwear has its advantages and disadvantages, should it be "disabled"?The answer is not so simple.Because everyone’s needs and experience are different, the use of sexy underwear should be a case.At the same time, from a social perspective, the sexy underwear should not be prohibited.Everyone should have their own right to choose, and decide whether this sexy underwear is suitable for themselves through their own judgment and confirmation.

4. How to correctly use the opening and sexy underwear?

It is very important to use the correct way of use for those who want to try to open a stall underwear.First of all, you must buy the appropriate size and style to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of wearing.Second, pay attention to the choice of the occasion.In a relatively grand occasion, the sexy underwear may be slightly inappropriate. It is better to dress up, middle -aged and elderly sexy underwear, and in a private space or sex game, it will be better to use it.Once again, it is important to keep it clean and hygienic to avoid the occurrence of diseases.

5. Criticism and controversy of sexy underwear

Despite the opening of the stall, the lingerie means liberation and courage, many people still see it as a manifestation of gender discrimination.Some people believe that the opening design will make women a sexual object of men, or reflects an unfair distribution relationship in sexual behavior.In addition, some critics believe that the opening and fun underwear is too exposed, which will cause others to point and evaluate.

6. The role of sexy underwear for sex for sex

We cannot recognize the stimulus of sex underwear on sex.For those who feel cold in daily life, opening underwear can improve their sexual experience and experience.At the same time, the use of open -stall sex underwear may also enhance intimate relationships, deepen emotional communication, and have a positive impact on love relationships.

7. The category and style of the sexy underwear in the stall

There are many categories and styles about the opening and fun underwear.They not only have different colors and shapes, they can also be combined with different materials.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, you can consider your own needs, personality and preferences, and choose the most suitable style for you.

8. The role of sexy underwear in cultural exchanges

Open -gear erotic underwear is not only a fashion trend or stimulating method, it can also play a great role in cultural exchanges.Many countries have begun to become popular costumes now. People can express their ideas and cultural concepts to promote international exchanges and cultural integration.

In summary, the fun underwear should not be "disabled", but it must be cautious to use it.Everyone should have the right to choose from. Starting from their own needs and experience, decide whether to try this sexy underwear.At the same time, we should also rationally look at the problems and controversy of the sexy underwear, and strive to enjoy the happiness belonging to our body and the soul under the principles of morality and respect for others.

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