There is no picture to buy sexy underwear on Taobao

On Taobao, sexy underwear is a hot -selling product.But often when buying, we will encounter incomplete pictures or even no pictures.In this case, how to choose the right sexy underwear?Here are a few tips for you.

1. Select the seller with high credibility

To buy sexy underwear on Taobao, it is best to choose sellers with high credibility, which can be more secure.You can judge the seller’s credibility by viewing the seller’s customer evaluation.

2. Compared with product description

Although there are no pictures, there is a detailed product description for each product.When buying, you can learn more about the style, color, material and other characteristics of the product, and choose the most suitable sexy underwear by comparing the product description.

3. Refer to the evaluation of other buyers

When buying, we can refer to the evaluation of other buyers.Their evaluation can provide more information and let us better understand the characteristics of the product.It should be noted that when choosing a reference evaluation, you must choose an evaluation from the purchase record.

4. Know the brand as much as possible

Some sexy underwear brands sell very well on Taobao. If we understand the brand, we can better choose the right style.You can understand the brand by finding the official website of the brand, reading related evaluation and introduction.

5. Pay attention to the return and exchange policy

When buying, you must pay attention to the policy of refund and exchange.Although there are no pictures, the return and exchange policy can provide us with certain guarantees.If the product does not match the description or there is a quality problem, we can handle it through the return policy.

6. Select the right style according to your own body shape

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the right style according to your own body shape.Different styles are suitable for different people. Choosing a style that suits you can better show your charm.

7. Do a good size measurement work

In order to better buy a sexy underwear that suits us, we need to do a good job of measurement.The correct size allows us to buy the right sexy underwear. Even if there is no picture, we can choose better.

8. Analyze the keywords in the product description

In order to better understand a product, we can analyze the keywords in the product description.For example, if the product description is referred to as breathable and comfortable, then we can understand the characteristics of the product and the comfort of the wearing comfort.

The above are some tips for buying sexy underwear without pictures.Although there are no pictures, we can better choose the appropriate sexy underwear in other ways.When buying, we must pay attention to protecting their rights and interests, and choose guaranteed sellers and appropriate returns and exchanges.Finally, I hope that everyone can buy satisfactory sexy underwear and show their charm.

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