Tune you to wear fun underwear videos

Why do I need to tune up and wear a fun underwear?

Falling underwear, as a kind of art, needs to be appreciated and displayed.However, wearing sexy underwear is not a simple matter.Different sizes and different styles of sexy underwear require different ways and matching to reflect the charm it brings.And sexy underwear training is a skill and knowledge that allows you to better wear sexy underwear.

Basic clothing selection skills

Before wearing sexy underwear, you must first choose a suitable underwear.There are two most basic aspects that need to be considered: size and dressing.To ensure that the size of the sexy underwear is consistent with its own body size, so as not to be uncomfortable; at the same time, choose pantyhose or skirt with sexy underwear to ensure the overall coordination.

Top underwear brand recommendation

When choosing a sexy underwear, the brand is also one of the factors that need to be considered.Top underwear brands recommendation: Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Victoria ’s Secret, etc. Their underwear styles, uniform size, soft materials, and good comfort are the best choices of sexy lingerie pursuits.

Training of showing posture

Wearing erotic underwear is to make yourself more charming, and how to show and interpret the sexy and charm brought about by sexy underwear also needs to learn.The design of some underwear focuses on revealing, and training your proficient gestures and postures allows you to better show the sexy and beautiful beauty of sexy underwear.

Suitable occasion

Pay attention to the choice of the occasion.You can wear exposed and sexy sexy underwear at home or dating, but in public, you still need to choose a relatively conservative sexy underwear, and use a coat to cover it.

Maintenance skills

Sexy underwear needs to be carefully maintained.It is recommended to wash it by hand; choose a soft detergent to avoid damaging the lingerie material due to improper use; do not direct the sun when drying the underwear, and do not expose it to avoid fading and deformation.

Sex underwear matching

Interest underwear is not lonely, it also needs to be matched.Consider the style and color of underwear when buying matching, as well as the time and occasions of matching.For example, when watching movies with your boyfriend, you can choose low -key, loose, but sexy underwear and casual pants; if you go out with your mother, you can choose a conservative but colorful underwear and chiffon long skirt.

Investigation skills

If you want to be a master of sexy underwear, there are some details that you need to pay attention: such as wearing high heels, which can help enhance the overall figure proportions and sexy feelings; you must have a natural relaxation attitude, don’t be too stiff;On one foot, this can make the body more charming.At the same time, we must pay attention to expressions and relax as much as possible in order to achieve the best results.

How to adjust your sexy temperament

Interest underwear is not only wearing external wear, but also needs to cooperate with its sexy temperament to achieve better results.Learning to reveal details such as confidence, relaxation of the body, smile, and eyesight. With the help of sexy underwear, you can make you more charming and sexy.

Training starts from zero

If you are a completely new sexy underwear, you don’t have to worry.From understanding basic knowledge, matching, to learning display and temperament tuning, sexy underwear can be trained and improved according to the skills and points of various aspects. Over time, you will also become a sexy underwear master.


Whether it is pursuing fun or personal taste, sexy underwear is a shining artwork.Through sexy underwear, you can not only make yourself more sexy and charming, but also make yourself more solved the essence and taste of the affectionate underwear, making you more confident and charming in your life.

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