Tuto pants sex underwear pictures beauty

What is the pants of the pants and the sex underwear?

Tuto pants are a sexy female underwear. It is characterized by a unique design and presents a shape similar to thong pants.It often has a thin rope behind, which can play a sexy role.This sexy underwear is more used in sexy underwear stores in Europe and the United States, and in Asia, it is more and more sought after by female consumers.

What are the occasions of thongs and pants are suitable for?

Pants for pants are generally suitable for sexy occasions such as Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, celebrating the birthday of husband and wife, party and nightclubs.At the same time, it is also a gift suitable for newlywed couples, which can help couples increase their feelings and get closer.

Tutor pants sexy underwear style

According to the design format, the dotted pants are divided into multiple forms.For example, the "Forepical" buty -pants are sexy underwear. It pays more attention to the changes in the foreplay. It is based on the bottom and eyes of the pants and eyes of the pants.More sex opportunities.In addition, there is also a "opening model" thong pants sexy underwear. The lower part of this thong is opened. This is a very ideal choice for women who like to make good use of legs.

Choose of T -shaped pants sexy underwear

If you want to choose a piece of pants and pants, you must first pay attention to the appropriate size, especially for the length of the waist and hips.Don’t get rid of too tight, don’t be too loose, otherwise you will lose beauty.Secondly, pay attention to the choice of materials, and choose comfortable fabrics to avoid excessive pressure and stimulation to the skin.Finally, you need to look at more pictures, try different colors and styles, so that your thongs are more personal and more sexy.


If you want to attend more important occasions, then you can choose a more low -key pants and sexy underwear, such as black or white monochrome styles to avoid being too public.And if you want to go to a party or nightclub, you can choose the colorful pants and the color of the pants, such as red, purple, gold and other colors.

Tutor pants sex underwear match

In order to wear a perfect pants and sexy underwear, accessories are also very important parts.For the choice of high heels, it is recommended to choose the same style as the color of the pants underwear, which can not only increase your femininity, and it can help your body proportion more balanced.In addition, you can also match some targeted props, such as collar, leather whip, handcuffs, etc., which can make the stage effect more brilliant.

Australian sex lingerie brand

At present, the most famous Australian sexy underwear brands on the market include Honey Birdette, Pleasure State, Risque Boutique, etc.The pants and pants of these brands have excellent design quality and high -quality fabrics, which are worth trying.

Which women are not suitable for wearing utensils in pants?

Although the pants are a sexy female underwear, not all women are suitable for wearing it.For example, women during pregnancy, women during the physiological period, women with very unconventional breast forms, and older women are not suitable for wearing this sexy underwear.

How to correctly wear utensils in pants?

The skills of wearing thongs are also very important.First of all, be sure to put on black stockings so that your figure can be more perfect.Second, pay attention to the size of the underwear, do not be too tight or loose.Also pay attention to the maintenance below. You cannot wash it with other colors of underwear, otherwise it can cause fading.Finally, avoid wearing thongs for pants to avoid exposure too much.


Tuto pants are a sexy female underwear. It is suitable for a variety of specific occasions, but not all women are suitable for wearing it.In terms of selection, size, style, materials, etc., you need to consider it carefully, and pay attention to the correct dressing skills and accessories, and show your beauty and sexy in the most appropriate way.

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