Unwilling to wear fun jackets

1 Introduction

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, and many women have begun to try to wear sexy underwear to increase sexual interest.However, some women are not willing to wear sexy underwear. This article will discuss the reasons for this phenomenon.

2. The material is not comfortable enough

Many erotic underwear are made of some thin and breathable materials. This not only cannot keep the private parts clean, but also very uncomfortable, making people feel very uncomfortable.

3. The style is too exposed

Some sexy lingerie styles are very exposed and uncomfortable.For some shy women, even in their own private space, they are unwilling to wear such sexy underwear.

4. No appropriate occasion

There is a suitable occasion to wear sexy underwear. If there is no such occasion, it seems embarrassing to wear it.Therefore, many women think that it is not worth buying this kind of thing.

5. There is no proper maintenance method

The material of sexy underwear is relatively special and requires a certain proper maintenance method.However, many women do not know how to deal with sexy underwear of this special material, so they think they are unwilling to buy.

6. Quality cannot be guaranteed

Because erotic underwear is not often washed like other underwear, there are no big brands to ensure its quality.Therefore, the quality of a lot of erotic underwear cannot be guaranteed, which makes people feel uneasy.

7. Dressing inconvenient

The design of many sexy underwear is strange, and it is very inconvenient to wear, and even some underwear requires 2 people to help to put on.This made some women’s prestige.

8. Requirements for your body

The design of many sexy underwear is to highlight the curve beauty of women’s figure, so it has higher requirements for figure.For those women with full figure, the role of these underwear may not be ideal, but it makes their figure worse.

9. No choice to the right style

Many women chose to give up because they did not find a sexy lingerie style that suits them.Therefore, from another perspective, sexy underwear shop lacks more different types of sexy underwear of different types.

10. Summary

Although sexy underwear has been welcomed by women in recent years, many women are still unwilling to buy sexy underwear for various reasons. For these women, we can respect their ideas.

For women who want to wear sexy underwear, we can take more measures to make them easier to choose and buy ideal sexy underwear, such as adding various designs and expanding supply channels.

Interesting underwear is born to better enjoy sexual life, but it should never be the standard for forced.Respect yourself and respect others’ choices.

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