Use a rope to make sexy underwear videos


Sex underwear is a must -have prop. It can increase interest and stimulus, but some sexy underwear is expensive, and it may not be suitable for everyone’s figure and taste.If you want to make a sexy underwear by yourself, it is a good choice to make it with a rope.

Choose a suitable rope

Choosing a suitable rope is the first step in making sexy underwear.The material of the rope can be cotton, silk, nylon, etc. The touch and texture of each material are different.In addition, the thickness and hardness of the rope must be selected according to your design needs.

Make a bow of sexy underwear pants

The simplest sexy underwear is bow and panties.Wrap the rope around the waist and hips, and then hit a big bow in the center of the hips.Pay attention to the amount of width and length, so as not to be too large or too small.

Make sexy tie rope sex lingerie

Exhaushed the rope to the chest and waist to form a variety of cross -patterned patterns.This kind of sexy underwear is sexy and wild, which can make you more confident and brave.In addition, you can also tie fake flowers, butterflies, hair bands and other decorations on the rope to enhance the artistic nature of underwear.

Try Japanese -style restraint sex underwear

Japanese -style constraints control the body’s posture and movement by wrap the rope around a specific body part.It takes some techniques to do this sexy underwear. It is recommended that beginners start with simple hands and feet.Remember to control your strength to ensure comfort and safety.

Make black silk sex panties

Turn it on the waist and buttocks with a black fine rope, and then put on black stockings to expose the black fine rope.This sexual panties are suitable for nightclubs, parties, etc., which can make you more sexy and sexy.

Make retro -style sexy underwear pants

Wrap the rope around the waist and hips, focus on the shape of the font, and then decorate them with retro elements such as carved buttons.This kind of sexy underwear has a classic beauty, suitable for those who like retro style.

Dressed as a rope queen

If you want more challenging challenges, you can wear ropes to multiple body parts such as arms, legs, waist, etc. to form a rope.Then wear a crown of leather to make the image of the queen of rope.This sexy underwear is suitable for those women who like independent and strong.

Make your favorite sexy underwear

In addition to the above -mentioned sexy underwear types, you can also make more types of sexy underwear based on your preferences and creativity.However, it is recommended to start with simply, and try to try complex designs.

Pay attention to safety and comfort

Before making sexy underwear, you must pay attention to safety and comfort.Use the appropriate rope material to avoid excessive or overdering.When tie the rope, pay attention to the control and whether it is correct. If it feels pain or discomfort, it stops in time.

in conclusion

By using a rope to make fun underwear, it can not only satisfy your creativity and taste, but also enhance interest and enhance the fun of sex.But be sure to pay attention to safety and comfort to avoid unnecessary damage.I hope that you can make your favorite erotic underwear based on the above introduction and enjoy joy and happiness.

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