Valentine’s Day Sending Lao Gong’s Fun Underwear

Valentine’s Day Sending Lao Gong’s Inflowing Underwear — Get charcoal in the snow?

Valentine’s Day is a day to better understand each other, feel each other, and care for each other.In this special day, many women want to give a special gift to give care and love.And this gift, it is best to have creativity and interest, let her boyfriend or husband feel surprise and unusual.For women, sexy underwear is also a good choice.However, not all men are suitable for wearing fun underwear, and if you want to give your husband’s sexy underwear on Valentine’s Day, then you need to pay attention to some details when buying.

The main points for men to wear sexy underwear

First of all, you need to know that men in sexy underwear must have certain confidence and charm.Otherwise, this gift may make him feel ashamed and uncomfortable, so on the contrary, this gift becomes a kind of torture.In addition, men’s body will also affect the selected sexy lingerie style.Men with tall figures, wearing smaller sexy underwear may appear unjust, and the effect is not good.Men with thinner shapes can choose more personal styles with confidence, and men with burly shapes can consider some loose styles to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Sexy lingerie style

When selecting sexy lingerie styles, you can choose according to different brands and different needs.

American style

The style of American sex lingerie is bolder and exaggerated in color matching, full of American rock style and rebellious attitude.Such a style is suitable for men who are pursuing sports style and passion and sexy.

European style

European sex lingerie is usually elegant, unique in design, exquisite details, and relatively rare colors.This style is suitable for men who have required for the body. The design of the underwear is well -proportioned and simple to the basic style, which can make the figure more prominent.

Japanese and Korean style

The design of Japanese and Korean sexy underwear is mostly based on cuteness and freshness, while paying attention to details.This style is suitable for smaller men and relatively cute men.

Sexy underwear color

The choice of sexy underwear color also needs to be carefully considered.The meaning of different colors and suitable occasions is completely different, and the choice will receive unexpected results.


Red is the perfect representative of sexy and passion.Red erotic underwear is mainly suitable for more sexy men who want to be stronger on the basis of sexy underwear.If your boyfriend or husband is usually relatively stable and feudal, then red sexy underwear can make him see a brand new you, thereby increasing his feelings for you.


Black is an eternal color, with a sexy and mysterious sense in the classics.Suitable for men with more standard figures.In addition, black sexy underwear can also highlight the muscle lines of men, giving people a sense of mystery and charm.


White sex underwear is relatively mild, suitable for men who want to equip themselves and are too simple for love.The white underwear will make the male figure clearer, showing your intention to choose underwear.

Sexy underwear fabric

When choosing a sexy underwear, the choice of fabrics is also very important.The texture and dressing feelings represent different fabrics are completely different.Common fabrics include silk, cotton, knitted and chemical fiber.

Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric has the characteristics of strong ventilation and comfortable feel, which is a relatively safe and healthy type of underwear material.If your husband or boyfriend pays more attention to comfort and does not need to be too creative design, then cotton fabric is a good choice.

Lace fabric

Lace fabric is a relatively decorative material that is favored by women with its good breathability and softness.For men, using lace too much will affect the texture and dressing feelings of sexy underwear, so it is necessary to make effective design in style.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a special gift. Through sex underwear, you can express your sincere emotion to your boyfriend or husband.In order to achieve the best gift effect, you need to make comprehensive consideration in appearance, color and material when buying.While trying to choose underwear, don’t ignore your emotional communication and take care of each other with your heart.

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