Video Daquan in sexy lingerie whip


Sexy underwear is one of the origin of modern people. From the lower body of the lower body to the pornographic tool, it leads people’s freedom and technology.Today we focus on the whip of sexy underwear. In order to make you better understand it, we have prepared a rich videos for you to show you the magical charm of it.

What is a whip?

The leather whip is a kind of sexy underwear. It is mainly used for SM tuning or it can be used as a sexy toy.Its shapes and lengths are different. Common ones include single -rope whip, horse whip, multiple leather whip, etc.

How to use leather whip?

Pay attention to the following points to use leather whip:

1. Choose the right leather whip and determine which one is determined according to the object and technical level;

2. Find the suitable venue of use to avoid the pneumatic whip colliding with other items or human body;

3. Understand the skills of use, such as the strength and frequency of hitting, etc.;

4. Pay attention to safety and try to avoid hitting the sensitive parts and soft tissue, otherwise it will cause the flesh to scratch, swelling or pain.

Single rope leather whip use video

Single rope leather whip is a highly technical leather whip. It needs to master the correct usage to play its role.Below is a video used for single -rope leather whip for your reference.

Video of the whip

The whip is a short -length leather whip, and it is also easier to master.Below is a video used for your reference.

Multi -stranded leather whip use video

Multiple leather whip is a long leather whip, which requires a certain degree of proficiency to operate properly.Below is a video used for multiple leather whip for your reference.

How to maintain the leather whip?

The leather whip also needs to be maintained to be used for a long time.The following are some of the main points of the piston whip maintenance:

1. Avoid exposure and prevent the skin of the skin from cracking;

2. Wipe the surface dust and stains regularly;

3. Use the lubricant to keep soft and persimmon;

4. Store in a dry and ventilated place.

How to choose a leather whip suitable for you?

When choosing a leather whip, you need to determine according to some factors:

1. length and weight;

2. Shipbopal material and handle material;

3. Price and durability.

The role of leather whip in SM tuning

The leather whip plays an important role in SM tuning. It can be used to persecute the punishment party, or it can also be used to stimulate the other party.Pay attention to safety and feelings of both parties when using.


When using the leather whip, the most important thing is to comply with the rules of use, pay attention to safety, do not use it excessively, control the strength and frequency, enjoy the pleasure of H and maintain the respect and decentness of both parties.

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