Video without Banning Insteads Lingerie Walking Show

Background introduction

Sexy underwear catwalk has always been a major part of the fashion show.Traditionally, fun underwear needs to be displayed with a bottom shirt.However, recently, some sexy lingerie catwalks that do not need to be found have aroused the interest of many people.

What is no bottom -up erotic underwear?

No bottom -up erotic underwear means that when showing erotic underwear, there is no need to put on a bottoming shirt or other clothes to cover the skin.

Why does it appear without bottom -up sexy underwear?

The emergence of unsatisfactory underwear, on the one hand, because of people’s demand for more sexy and teasing display methods, on the other hand, because of the improvement of materials and manufacturing technology, the breathability, comfort and kimono of fabrics get the degree of comfort and kimono.Greatly improved.

What are the types of materials?

The types of materials selected from the bottom of fun underwear are relatively fixed, including lace, transparent mesh, silk, and soft feathers.

What occasion is suitable for wearing?

Because there is no bottom -up erotic underwear is very sexy, it is suitable for wearing display in private occasions, such as romantic nights, Valentine’s Day, and party.

Is it suitable for everyone to wear?

No bottom -up erotic underwear will expose more skin when displaying, so it is not suitable for people with too full body or slightly flawed skin.Of course, it is suitable to decide based on personal aesthetics and physical conditions.

How to buy non -bottoming erotic underwear?

When buying without bottom -up sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the breathability, comfort and kimono of the fabric, as well as whether the style and size of the underwear are suitable for your body.

Video of Video of Video without Battle Lingerie

The following is a video without a bottomless sexy underwear. You can enjoy this new display method:


The appearance of unsighting underwear shows a new sexy and teasing way. Putting and displaying in private occasions can make people feel more naked and free.

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