Wear a crotch for girlfriend sexy underwear

Title: Put open a crotch for girlfriends

Paragraph 1: Understand open crotch sexy underwear

Open crotch sex underwear refers to a special opening in the lower body to facilitate sex and use sanitary napkins.Some open crotch underwear is only open on the cotton crotch, and some will be designed to expose the lower body.There have been many new styles that have appeared to the present, including cool, camisole, and holding type.

Paragraph 2: Size selection

Before buying a sexy underwear, you should first confirm your size.The size is roughly divided into S, M, L, etc., and you need to choose the appropriate size according to your own specific situation. This can be more comfortable and more in line with the body proportion.

Paragraph 3: color selection

In addition to the size, the color is also a question that needs to be considered when choosing to open the crotch sex underwear.When choosing color, it is recommended to choose black and red, because these two colors are more in line with the sexy atmosphere of sexy underwear.

Paragraph 4: Fabric selection

The fabric of sexy underwear is also important.Because it is necessary to be skin -friendly when used, you should choose good skin -friendly fabrics, such as soft and smooth cotton fabrics and elastic fiber fabrics.At the same time, be sure to avoid friction with objects when placing.

Paragraph 5: Correctly wear method

When you start wearing, make sure it is comfortable.Before wearing, you can adjust its loose band appropriately and choose your most comfortable size to ensure that you wear comfortable.

Paragraph 6: clever match

In addition to styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics, there is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to.Open crotch erotic underwear can be paired with various sexy clothing, such as lace perspective clothes, tight leather pants, back -back pants.In this way, wearing it will have a more visual impact.

Paragraph 7: Use hygiene

When using the open crotch sex underwear, you must pay attention to the use of sanitary napkins to ensure cleanliness.In some cases, it is also necessary to cooperate with the disinfectant to completely clean and maintain hygiene.

Paragraph 8: maintenance and maintenance

Open crotch sex underwear also needs to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, you can choose to wash or cold water.When cleaning, pay attention to rub it gently, do not force it.

Paragraph 9: Suitable occasion

The unique opening of the crotch makes the open crotch sexy underwear more suitable for fun occasions.For example, use it on the bed to stimulate emotions and create a romantic atmosphere.

Paragraph 10: conclusion

In short, the open crotch sex underwear has a unique design and use method, and it is necessary to carefully screen the purchase and maintain it in order to bring users the greatest sex experience.When choosing, we should pay attention to the size, color, fabric, matching and conventional use in order to be more comfortable and creative.

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