Wear sex underwear bed and touch yourself

Wear sex underwear bed and touch yourself

Sexy underwear is a very sexual attractive clothing, and is a key element that makes women more confident and sexy.It has a variety of styles and uses, the most common of which is when wearing it with a partner to enjoy sex.However, you can also wear sexy underwear to explore and satisfy your sexual desire when you are alone.Here are some guidance on the touch of wearing a sexy underwear.

Find a comfortable environment

When you want to salute yourself in your own way, please create a comfortable and relaxed environment for yourself.Leasing a hotel room to keep the room warm and soft, allow you to forget your troubles and pressures, and create a private discovery of your space.

Choose the appropriate sexy underwear

What kind of sexy underwear to wear depends on what you want.From sexy perspective underwear to lace styles full of temptation, you need to find the style and style that suits you.Don’t forget your body type, choose a style suitable for your body, so that you can feel comfortable and satisfied.

Add sexy element

Before further deepening your self -exploration, you can adjust your mentality by adding some sexy elements to sexy underwear.You can use perfume, lipstick and other cosmetics, or with sexy shoes and accessories to make yourself more charming and strengthen self -confidence.

Focus on perception

After wearing a sexy underwear, focusing on your physical feeling and sensory stimulus, it is easier to relax yourself.You can massage yourself from your head, and then slowly move to other parts of your body, feel different touch, and enjoy the joy of physical sensory.This feeling makes you feel that you are focusing on your body and make you more relaxed.

Try to use sex toys

If you want to further improve your physical experience, you can consider using some sex toys.From handheld massage to the vulva massage, different sex toys can bring you different experiences.Don’t be afraid to try different toys and sensory stimuli, make your sex more colorful.

Try masturbation

After wearing a sexy underwear, masturbation is a very good choice.Use your favorite toys or masturbate directly, enjoy the fun of being alone and exploring.Masturbation can not only bring you physical joy, but also help you better understand your body and sexy areas.

Keep your body hygiene

In the process of exploring alone, make sure to keep your body hygiene.Replace the sheets, quilts, or use wet paper towels or sanitary napkins in time to maintain your hygiene, so as not to affect your health and enjoyment.


Wearing a sexy underwear is a very personal exploration method, which is a process of finding self -confidence and independence.In today’s progressive society, we need to explore the way of our body, and this is also a legal way.Through the above guidance, we believe that you can better explore the feeling of your body and better understand your body.

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