What are the high -level sexy underwear brands


With the progress of society, people have more and more demand for sexual life. As an important element in sexual life, sexy underwear is very popular in the market.Advanced sexy underwear is a brand with higher quality, better design and greater innovation. This article will introduce some high -level sexy underwear brands.

International brand

There are many international sex lingerie brands, including Victoria’s Secret in the United States, down in Spain, and La Perla in Italy.These brands have high requirements, sophisticated materials, and fine handicrafts, and have high requirements, and the price is relatively high.

Domestic brands

There are relatively few high -level sexy underwear brands in China, but there are also some representatives.Such as the heart of lace, Fukuhara Ai, etc.These brands are designed with Chinese elements, and they are pursuing high quality, and the price is relatively reasonable.

Privacy care brand

Some brands integrate the concept of privacy care in design and provide corresponding services.These services include anonymous distribution, hidden packaging, online consultation, etc. For example, well -known brand Tease and Please are one of them.

Tailor -made brand

Some brands provide tailor -made services and customize sexy underwear according to the characteristics and needs of consumers. These underwear are more suitable for consumers.Brands such as Camus are one of them. The price is relatively high, but it allows consumers to have a better experience and comfort.

Multifunctional brand

Some brands pursue diversified functionality in terms of sexy underwear.For example, it can be used as a sexy underwear, but also as brands such as pajamas, swimsuits, sportswear, etc. These brands such as Intimissimi.

Recommended brand: Venus

Venus is a domestic brand. With the concept of "awakening inner passion", it has designed a lot of novel sexy underwear, such as sexy body clothes, beautiful back transparent underwear.The price is more reasonable, and the workmanship and materials are also excellent.

Recommended brand 2: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is one of the most well -known brands in international brands and has a long history.Its erotic underwear is stylish and changing, with relatively high prices, but its quality and handicraft are excellent.

Recommended brand 3: Heart of Lace

The heart of lace is one of the well -known high -level sexy underwear brands in China. It is mainly based on lace elements. The design is very beautiful.The price is relatively high, but the quality is also very good.


When choosing a high -level sexy underwear brand that suits you, you need to consider what styles such as your needs, appreciation, and prices, and find a brand that meets your needs.In addition, pay attention to choose regular shops or channels when buying, and pay attention to privacy care.

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