What are the sexy lingerie videos

What are the sexy lingerie videos

1. Beauty erotic underwear trial

Beauty erotic underwear trials refer to showing sexual erotic lingerie on female models with good figures to display, so that consumers can more intuitively understand the styles and effects of underwear.

2. Propaganda video

Fun underwear brands usually launch promotional videos to attract customers’ attention and sell brands and products.

3. Show field video

The erotic underwear show video refers to the fashion show launched the latest styles launched by the brand. Usually, some professional shooting and processing are carried out, and music and words are paired to attract consumers’ attention.

4. Teaching video

The erotic underwear teaching video is to tell consumers how to wear underwear and how to use the product as the theme.This is very helpful for novices who buy sexy underwear for the first time.

5. Fashion match video

Interest underwear matching video refers to a video with sexy underwear with overall clothes, and will match customers in the future.

6. Porn videos

Erotic films refer to movies involving sexy underwear and sex scenes. This type does not have the significance of reference and learning, and is mainly used for entertainment.

7. Single product introduction video

The video introduction video of sex underwear is a video that introduces the design, function, and use of the brand’s single item.

8. Social media marketing video

Fun underwear brand will launch marketing videos on social media platforms to attract more young audiences to pay attention to and buy the brand product.

9. Product experience video

The sexy underwear product experience video generally allows consumers to take turns to try on a sexy underwear. From a personal perspective, this is the only occasion that can truly display underwear products.

10. Video of the production process of sexy underwear

Some sex underwear manufacturers will publish detailed processes and technologies for underwear production on the official website or social media platform, so that consumers understand the process of underwear from raw materials to finished products.


There are many types of sexy underwear videos. Customers can choose their favorite and meaningful video to watch.However, we still remind everyone not to excessively pursue the number of sexy lingerie videos, and pay attention to the actual effects of underwear to better choose the underwear you need.

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