What are the sexy underwear for my wife

What are the sexy underwear for my wife

As a sexual underwear expert, I often ask male friends to ask how to choose a perfect sexy underwear to surprise my wife.Now, I will share my professional knowledge and provide you with some useful suggestions and tips to help you buy a sexy underwear that suits your wife.

1. Know your wife’s body

First, you need to understand your wife’s body.Different body shapes require different styles and tailoring.In particular, the wife’s chest size, hip and waist size and other key dimensions.It is best to get the specific size and cup size of your wife in advance.Remember, sexy underwear is the most suitable fit for the body. It must meet the size of the body to better wear effects.

2. Choose according to different occasions

You can buy sexy underwear suitable for different occasions (such as celebrating days, birthdays, vacations or nights, etc.) according to your plan and your wife’s preferences.For example, if you plan to give her a romantic night, choose a black or red lace coat in the sexy underwear in the evening, which can make her feel particularly sexy.

3. Choose the right BRA style

Of course, BRA is one of the most important part of the purchase of sexy underwear.Each woman’s breast shape and size are different, so you need to buy suitable bra styles.For women with plump breasts, it is recommended to choose a triangle cup or half -cup BRA to better highlight the chest curve.For women with small breasts, you can choose a cluster BRA that increases the effect.

Fourth, choose fabric

From the perspective of comfort and wearing, fabrics are equally important.Common materials include silk, cotton fabrics, lace and fiber materials.Among them, the erotic lingerie of silk materials is the best experience, and the comfort and softness are very good.

5. Select color

Color is one of the important elements in sexy underwear, and the atmosphere and impression of different colors is also different.For example, red is the most tempting color, and black represents mystery and sexy.It is recommended to choose the color according to the preference of your wife, or you can consider it with your plans and occasions.

6. Pay attention to details

The details of the sexy underwear are usually the most attractive, and the details of these parts need to attract your attention.For example, decoration such as lace and hook flowers.These decorations should be in line with perceptual vision, and the details are also very important. Too many design can easily make the sexy underwear look too complicated and excessive.

7. Consider the combination and match

You can start considering a combination of combination. While the fun underwear and internal wear methods and maintenance, pay attention not to be too decadent and sparse.For example, buying a transparent socks or lace gloves will strengthen the theme and increase the appeal of sexy underwear.

8. Suitable for personal preferences and styles

Finally, you need to consider that sexy underwear should be suitable for personal preferences and styles.However, if you intend to give your wife a surprise, you can consider some more exciting choices, such as decorative sexy underwear with feathers, which will bring you new changes.It is recommended that you understand your wife’s personal style and preference before buying, and choose the sexy underwear suitable for her to truly bring her joy and warmth to her.

In short, when you choose sexy underwear, you should consider many factors, and choose according to different occasions and personalized needs. Understand this, you can definitely bring a perfect sexy underwear to your wife, making her love.

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