What are the Taobao sex lingerie brands

1. Classic brand: bring you back to sexy classic

The colorful lingerie style and color of the classic brand are relatively stable, suitable for women who want classics and sexy.Among them, classic brands on Taobao such as Fulfang, Kajier, and Bella are more well -known.

2. Fashion new and sharp: representative of trend and fashion

Fashionable new brand’s sexy underwear is more biased towards trend fashion, focusing on the combination of color and style.And such brands are relatively new, more representative brands such as YP Fairy School, Aidmei, Oumato, etc.

3. Skillly comfortable: Make your body comfortable and comfortable

In addition to the focus on style, color and sexy, it also pays more attention to the choice of fabrics, so that the wearer feels warm, close, soft and other characteristics.Well -known brands such as You Ensha, Lanxi, Veverna, etc. are loved by female consumers.

4. Bold innovation: break through the traditional adventurer

Bold and innovative brand’s sexy underwear often makes people shine, and from color to tailoring, it boldly breaks the tradition.These brands can often see some interesting elements, if frozen colors, straps, rivets, stitching, etc.Famous brands such as OMG and Jane Zhen Ni belong to this type of brand.

5. Exquisite handmade: tailor -made luxury enjoyment

Exquisite handmade brands are one of the few brands that use tailor -made methods to sell their own products.Such brands generally pay attention to the comfort of fabrics and color, but they emphasize their handmade production, production time and unique design concepts.Generally speaking, the price is relatively high due to tailored customization.Its representative brands include Xirosi, Ruiting Er, Tao Xinyu and so on.

6. Fresh literature and art: the embodiment of simple beauty

Fresh literary brand’s sexy underwear focuses on the reflection of simple and beauty.Such brands often use light and soft colors and exquisite workmanship to express their literary temperament.Representative brands include Rymis, Magic Class, COCOME, etc.

7. Professional movement: The perfect combination of exercise and sexy

Professional sports brands pay more attention to the sportiness of sexy underwear and letting wearers show their sexy charm while fitness.It focuses on the choice of sports fabrics, and it is similar to sportswear in style. The workmanship and design are more simple and practical.Representative brands include camping polar, shark gangs, Xiaocai 7988 and so on.

8. Personality Trends: Create a banner of personality

Personal trend brand is known for its unique and personality style and design.Different from the trend of fashion and emerging brands, it focuses on breaking the traditional side and showing alternative and personalized side.The famous brands are Sister Ran, U Feel, Black Duck, etc.

9. Fashion same model: hurry up

Fashionable brands capture inspiration from the design elements of some well -known brands. By imitating some popular brands and styles, they have launched their own fashion models around hot spots.Reference elements and products have been modified, incorporating the brand’s design concept, so that the styles they create are more classic, stylish and affinity.Representative brands include Fairy Fairy, Vikiniya, Bibeco, etc.

10. Simple and transparent: representative of the body and approachable

Simple and transparent brand’s erotic underwear is biased towards simple and simple style. It focuses on transparent and thin fabrics. It uses simple tailoring to make the figure look approachable and not too depressing sexy vitality.Compared with other brands, it is closer to life and more standardized, but it is a very infectious brand.Representative brands include Qiya, Su Comly, Meireen and so on.

Viewpoint: As a woman, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only show your sexy and charm, but also improve our quality and self -confidence from personal details.A variety of brands on Taobao can meet our different needs. The key is to find the brand and style that suits you to make yourself more confident and outstanding on the appropriate occasion.

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