What certificate does it need to sell sexy underwear

What certificates do I need to sell sexy underwear?

Selling sex underwear can be said to be a more special profession, so it is necessary to have some special qualifications and certificates.Here are the documents needed to sell sexy underwear:

business license

As a merchant, first of all, you need to register the industrial and commercial bureau and obtain the legal license-business license.When applying for a business license, it is necessary to clarify the scope of the main business as a sales of sexy underwear. This document is usually required to start the first step of the sex lingerie store.

Health certificate

Selling sex underwear business involves products that penetrate the body, so employees engaged in this industry need to hold a health certificate.The so -called health certificate refers to a certification document with good physical health issued by the relevant health departments, which proves that it has no infectious diseases or other health problems suitable for selling sexy underwear.

Special industry business license

Interesting underwear merchants need to obtain a special industry business license in the local special industry business license office. This document needs to be completed before opening the store to prove that the merchant’s license certificate within a specific business area, a specific time, and business.This document is more convincing for merchants in law enforcement inspections.

National Tax Registration Certificate

Selling sex underwear needs to pay taxes and requires a regular invoice, so enterprises need to register national taxation in tax authorities to obtain national tax registration certificates.This document is essential, otherwise a regular invoice cannot be issued legal, affecting the official reputation of the enterprise.

Quality Supervision Inspection Report

As a product with quality standards, sexy underwear needs to be guaranteed from the perspective of merchants.Therefore, merchants selling fun underwear need to conduct quality inspections in quality supervision and inspection units, obtain quality supervision and inspection reports, and prove that the quality of sexy underwear sold at home has qualified to meet the relevant quality standards.

Employee employment contract

When hiring employees, you need to sign an employment contract with employees to clarify the employee’s work responsibilities, salary, benefits and other related matters.This helps operators to clear and standardize corporate management, while creating an open, fair and fair working environment for employees.

Trademark registration certificate

Trademarks are not only the popularity of sexy underwear, but also an important asset of an enterprise.In order to protect their trademark rights, enterprises need to register trademark registration at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to obtain a trademark registration certificate.In this way, it can effectively prevent enterprises from being impersonated by other merchants in the process of selling fun underwear to safeguard their legal business rights.


Many erotic underwear design, production and sales need to be confidential, so employees and partners need to sign a confidentiality agreement.The agreement needs to clarify the information that the merchant needs to keep the information, the term of the confidentiality agreement, and the liability for the default of the confidentiality agreement in the entire business process, etc., and protect the intellectual property rights of the merchant and the secrets of the enterprise.

business license

Considering the fierce market competition and consumer knowledge, merchants need to obtain business licenses when selling sexy underwear, so as to better and legally operate.The business license is a document for the state’s management and supervision of all walks of life in all walks of life. It proves that the merchants are qualified and capable of carrying out sexy underwear sales business on the basis of legal operation.


The above is the documents required to sell sexy underwear. The certificates that may be required in different regions and different links are slightly different. When opening a sexy underwear store, merchants must handle fixed documents strictly in accordance with relevant regulations to better regulate business behavior and compete in the market in the market.Midtop success.

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