What do you usually write on the sexy underwear box?


In recent years, the sexy underwear market has gradually emerged, and most products will be printed with some boxes or patterns.So, what do you usually printed on the sexy underwear box?


The most basic content on the sexy underwear box is the brand logo.This includes the brand’s name, logo, representative color, and so on.This information allows consumers to recognize the brand at a glance and increase their memory.

Product Image

Some sexy lingerie boxes are printed with products with products. These pictures allow consumers to understand the style, color, materials, etc. of the product more intuitively.It is a very practical information for shoppers.

Size information

Interesting underwear is relatively unique in size and style, so the box information on the box can help consumers to better choose their own suitable size and avoid unnecessary size purchase problems.

Product Description

In some boxes, we can also see some product descriptions, which allows consumers to understand the characteristics and functions of the product more comprehensively, and promote consumers to buy desires.

Washing instructions

Interest underwear is more special, and it takes some special methods to wash.Therefore, some boxes will be equipped with detailed washing instructions to prevent consumers from having some problems or destroying the material of the product during washing.

Material component

There are many types of sexy underwear, some are cotton, some are silk, and some are elastic materials.Therefore, some boxes will be printed in the obvious location of the material, so that consumers can better understand the material of the underwear in order to make appropriate choices.

Related warning

Sexy underwear belongs to some special products, and it also requires some careful measures.Therefore, some related warnings will be printed on some boxes to indicate issues that consumers should pay attention to when using.

Consumer evaluation

Some sexy underwear boxes will also be printed with some consumer evaluations. These evaluations from consumers’ personal experience allow other consumers to better understand the product experience.

the way of buying

In some cases, underwear brands will indicate their official purchase channels on the box to prevent consumers from being deceived by cat claws by consumers, and buyers can buy their favorite styles more assured.


In general, there are many contents printed on the sexy underwear box, and this information is also required by shoppers.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, we should carefully check the content on the box in order to make better choices.

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