What is the psychology of tearing sex underwear

What is the psychology of tearing sex underwear?

Hand tore up sexy underwear refers to some women to tear their sexy underwear hard when they encounter emotional or life troubles to release their emotions.Such behaviors seem to be extremely violent, but some women are regarded as a good way to vent their body and mind.So, what is the psychology behind your hands tearing the sexy underwear?

1. Emotional frustration psychology

The reason why many women choose to tear their sexy underwear because they have suffered emotional frustration in life.Whether it is emotional frustration, marriage rupture, or other misfortunes and blows, they feel emotional pain and loss.The behavior of hand -torn sexy underwear can temporarily forget the pain, and releases unlimited depression emotions by tearing the erotic underwear.

2. The needs of self -decompression

Because of the pressure of work, some women feel that the balance between life and work is not easy to find, and it is difficult to get enough time and opportunities to show their emotions and personality.In this case, hand -torn sex underwear has become their psychological needs.This demand comes from self -decompression and desire for emotional expression.

3. The release of depression of emotion

Sometimes, some women have a grievance and anger because of their dissatisfaction and setbacks in their lives. These emotions form a depressed emotional valve in the subconscious.When they tear their sexy underwear hard, this suppressed emotion suddenly releases, thereby guiding the depression in their hearts and relieving emotions.

4. The symbolic meaning of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear represents sexy and interest to many women, and hand -tearing these things expresses their dissatisfaction, anger, pain, and helplessness. It is a mentality of getting rid of depression and pursuing the sun.Therefore, hand -tearing sexy underwear is not only an emotional vent, but also an expression of personal proposition and persistence.

5. Find channels for self -identity

Women still face greater challenges and pressures in society, especially in the face of many problems such as "rational degradation of emotional, gender discrimination, and male hegemony".And some women are regarded by some women as a way to strive for their own sense of identity. They are emotionally balanced through self -respect and self -identity.

6. Demand for different ages

The behavior of tearing sex underwear is not exclusive to women in a certain age. In addition to a few frustrated young women, some older women will also have this behavior.For the latter, hand -tearing sex underwear expressed not only emotional vent, but more to express the tolerance and hug of emotion.

7. Release another self

Some women enjoy the sexy and surprise brought by the sexy underwear on them.Hand -tearing sex underwear can release them to show their other self, and at the same time ended the self, the past, and then reborn.

8. The intimacy of sexy underwear itself

Interest underwear represents intimacy. It can make women feel intimate and close to the inner world that may not be felt, while hand -tearing sexy underwear expresses women’s pursuit and willingness of intimacy.

Generally speaking, the behavior of tearing the sexy underwear is a reflection of the psychological characteristics and mentality needs of women in this era.For some women, hand -torn sexy underwear is a choice of emotional vent and lifestyle, a way of expression to show personality, and a embodiment of pursuing intimacy and self -identification.Each woman has her own story and background, and her own way of tearing, but no matter what, the psychology and emotions behind the tearing of the sexy underwear are worthy of our understanding and attention.

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