What kind of sexy underwear is comfortable


The comfort of sexy underwear is the focus of many people’s attention.But what kind of sexy underwear is the most comfortable?In this article, we will explore different types of sexy underwear and find the most comfortable types.

Material is important

For the comfort of sexy underwear, material is one of the key factors.Generally, the sexy underwear of cotton or similar materials will be more breathable, soft and comfortable than other synthetic materials.High -quality erotic underwear uses high -quality fabrics, such as silk and high -grade lace.

Appropriate size

It is critical to wear sexy underwear with the correct size.Excessive or loose underwear can cause discomfort and may wear skin.Precise measurement of chest, back, and waist circumference can ensure that the appropriate size is selected.

Style choice

Different styles are suitable for different body types.For example, some people like sexy lingerie without straps, and some people prefer vest or short sexy underwear.It is best to use different styles of sexy underwear to try on the bottom pants to find the best style for you.

The balance between comfort and sexy

With the improvement of comfort, sexy underwear may lose some sexuality.However, for most people, the most comfortable and sexy balance points can be found.Choose comfortable and sexy sexy underwear to ensure that you feel comfortable and sexy when you wear.

Influence of texture

The texture of sexy underwear also affects comfort.The surface covers a large amount of erotic underwear with a large amount of lace, gauze or other rough materials may make the skin uncomfortable.On the contrary, the soft material will feel more comfortable.Therefore, it is very important to choose a texture of sexy but not irritating.

The importance of steel ring support

Many sexy underwear manufacturers use steel rings to provide support.Although the steel ring provides better support, it will bring discomfort for some people.If the budget allows, you can choose a sexy underwear without a steel ring but still provides enough support.

Color choice

It is also important to choose comfortable colors.Although the colors of black, red are very attractive, the colorful colors are not suitable for everyone.If you have high sensitivity to the color, it is best to choose a soft and natural color.

Pursuing details

The comfort of sexy underwear lies not only in the overall design, but also the details.For example, for example, the shoulder straps, zippers, buttons, etc. of the underwear must be light and easy to use to avoid unnecessary pressure on the body.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for activity

Different erotic underwear is suitable for different activities.For example, you must choose breathable and loose sexy underwear during fitness, and in daily life, you must choose more close underwear.Consider the degree of physical activity when choosing sexy underwear.


In summary, the most comfortable sexy underwear is to use high -quality materials, choose the correct size, suitable for personal size and activity, ventilation, steel ring, soft color design, and pay attention to the details of the details.It is very important to choose the balance between comfort and sexy. You cannot just pursue sexy and ignore comfort.It is worth noting that comfort varies from person to person, so when choosing, you should determine the sexy underwear that suits you best according to your own feelings.

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