What kind of sexy underwear is wearing a small chest

How to choose a sexy underwear for women with small breasts?

Women’s chest size is different, and some women may be more distressed that their chests are not plump.But there is no need to worry, because there are many sexy lingerie styles wearing a small breast on the market.Here are some suggestions for choosing suitable sexy underwear.

1. Understand how to measure the bust correctly

If you want to choose a suitable sexy underwear, you first need to know the correct bust size.Correct measuring bust can help us choose suitable sexy underwear.Use a bust ruler or soft ruler to place it around the most plump part of the chest, and then pinch with your fingers. The number obtained is the size of the bust.

2. The style must choose vibrant

For women with small breasts, you can choose some vibrant sexy lingerie styles, such as lace lace, cute cartoon patterns.Such underwear can make women more confident and create a romantic atmosphere.In addition, choosing some colorful sexy underwear will also make women more energetic.

3. Choose sexy underwear with pads

In order to make the chest look more plump, choosing a sexy underwear with a pad is a good choice.These pads can increase the chest curve and make the chest look slender and plump.Some sexy underwear will also have a water bottle, which can make the chest look like some natural arcs.

4. Don’t choose too large sexy underwear

Some women think that choosing a large sexy underwear will make the chest look fuller, but in fact this is not a good idea.Choosing too large numbers will cause underwear to loosen, which will affect the overall dressing effect.The correct -size sexy underwear will be more comfortable and more stylish.

5. Select 0.7 or 1/2 cup of sexy underwear

Cup is one of the most critical parts of sexy underwear.For women with small breasts, choosing a 0.7 or 1/2 cup of sexy underwear is a good choice.These cups can shape a round chest shape and make the chest look fuller.

6. Choose an off -the -shoulder or vest sexy underwear

Some off -the -shoulder or vest sexy underwear is also a good choice for small breasts.These styles can show the figure of women, emphasizing the lines of the shoulders or back, making the chest look more prominent.

7. Select the sexy underwear of lace or mesh

Lace or mesh is commonly used underwear fabrics, which can leave people a romantic and sexy feeling.For women with small breasts, it is a good choice to choose these fabrics.These fabrics can create a sexy feeling without exposing too much skin.

8. Choose the front buckle erotic underwear

The front buckle lingerie is very easy to wear for women.Women with small chests can try to choose front -built sexy underwear. These underwear are not only easy to wear, but also can make the chest look fuller after wearing it.

9. Avoid choosing thick erotic underwear

On the contrary, choosing too thick sexy underwear is a bad choice.These underwear will make the chest look flat, not fuller.Similarly, avoid choosing too thick clothes or thick underwear hoods.

10. Confidence is the most important thing

No matter what kind of sexy underwear is selected, self -confidence is the most important.Self -confidence is beauty. No matter what your bust is the size, you must face confidence.Therefore, it is most important to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you, comfortable and natural, and can show your advantages.

In short, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is not an easy task, but if you can choose according to the above suggestions, it will make the choice easier and pleasant.No matter what your chest is, remember that natural beauty is the most important.

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