What kind of sexy underwear wears the lower body

What erotic underwear is most suitable for those who are fat in the lower body

When we think of sexy underwear, we often think of sexy and slim.But in fact, fat people can also wear sexy and confident.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is important to find a style suitable for your body.

1. Don’t choose underwear that is too tight

People with obese obese often need to consider the comfort of underwear.Therefore, don’t choose too tight underwear.Tight underwear will make your lower body more prominent, rather than reducing the pressure on your lower body.

2. Choose loose -style underwear

Compared to tight underwear, loose sexy underwear is more suitable for people with fat lower body.The loose design can better cover the fat while maintaining a beautiful curve.For example, the tube top sexy underwear can cover the chest and abdominal fat well, and it looks slimming.

3. Wear high waist panties

High -waist underwear can tighten the waist and hips. The beautiful lines can enhance the lines of the waist, making the abdomen look more flat.Choosing a loose lower body underwear is a good choice, which can maintain comfort and avoid the exposure of fat.

4. The effect of sex stockings on the lower body

Sex stockings are a very popular sexy underwear, which are suitable for various types of figures.Choosing a pair of black sex stockings can make your lower body look more slim, and you can also match various sexy underwear to enhance temperament and confidence.

5. Choose fun underwear

If you want to reflect the sexy and playful style, you can choose lace underwear or embroidered and other decorative underwear.These styles of sexy underwear can make your lower body more attractive and energetic.

6. Selection of the hip area

If you want to look full, you can choose underwear with lace, satin, silk and other materials. These materials can make the hip lines smoother, the milk buttocks are more curvy, which makes your lower body more sexy.

7. Choose less fancy underwear

Although the gorgeous fancy sexy underwear is very beautiful, these things are too complicated on the fat people.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose a simple and classic style.These things can help you narrow the signs of visually narrowing your hips and waist.

8. matching of accessories

Various exquisite accessories can better match sexy underwear.For example, high -quality jewelry can increase your noble atmosphere and make your sexy and self -confidence play.However, do not choose excessive or overweight, because they can attract unnecessary attention and are not good for the overall shape.


Choosing the appropriate sexy underwear can make you more confident in sexy.Loose, wide belt, no trace type, comfort, fit are the best choices for fat people in the lower body. According to your own body characteristics, find the most suitable underwear that is suitable for you, which will definitely allow you to get rid of your fat and have confidence.Sexy!

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